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Stella Arbenina

Stella Arbenina

1885 - 1976

The actress Stella Arbenina was born as Stella Zoe Whishaw in St. Petersburg. She grew up in Russia and got married with Baron Paul Meyendorff in 1907. Her husband served as a Captain for the Army of Tsar Nicholas II.

When the Russian Revolution broke out they lost her belongings and got arrested. 

Thanks to the invertention of the Baltic Germans committee they were released again and were able to leave Russia in 1918. 

After the emigration Stella Arbenina appeared at theaters in Tallin and Tartu and in 1921 she went to Berlin.
There she was able to gain a foothold at the film business and she took part in movies like "Der brennende Acker" (22) directed by F.W. Murnau with Werner Krauss and Lya de Putti in the leading roles, the comedy "Miss Rockefeller filmt" (22) with Georg Alexander, Harry Bender and Hans Junkermann, "Die Flucht in die Ehe" (22) with Paul Biensfeldt, Josefine Dora and Wilhelm Diegelmann, "Der Frauenkönig" (23) with Margit Barnay and Georg Alexander, "Das Geheimnis der Herzogin" (23) with Nils Asther and Arnold Korff, "Der Geldteufel" (23) with Otto Gebühr and Alexandra Solina as well as "Vineta - Die versunkene Stadt" (23) with Gustav Diessl and Evi Eva.

She went to London in 1923 where she continued her acting career both on stage and in movies.
To her British silent movies belong "The Secret Kingdom" (25), "The Last Witness" (25) and "A Woman Redeemed" (27).

In the sound film era of the 30s came her last movies into being, among them "Stamboul" (31) with Warwick Ward, "Colonel Blood" (34) with Frank Cellier and Anne Grey, "Crime Unlimited" (35) with Esmond Knight and Lilli Palmer, "Murder in the Family" (38) with Jessica Tandy and "The Outsider" (39) with George Sanders.

Stella Arbenina published her memoires in 1930 called "Through Terror to Freedom", in which she narrates about her experiences during the Russian Revolution.

Other movies with Stella Arbenina:
Bracelets (31) What Happened Then? (34) Fine Feathers (37) Merry Comes to Town (37) Stolen Life (39) Magyar Melody (39)