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Lutz Altschul

Foto: Praesens Film AG (P. Gassmann)

1899 - 1975

The actor Lutz Altschul - who later chose the pseudonym Louis V. Arco in the USA - began his career as an actor after the end of World War I. But before he started his acting career he tried to launch a military career but didn't see a future in it.

So he made his theater debut in 1919 and already in 1920 he appeared in his first movie called "Die Teppichknüpferin von Bagdad" (20), it followed other silent movies like "Spiel mit Menschen" (22), "Die Liebe einer Königin" (23), "Sacco und Vanzetti - Im Schatten des elektrischen Stuhls" (27) and "Napoleon auf St. Helena" (29).

In the 30s he took part in the productions "Die Försterchristl" (31), "Yorck" (31) and "Der schwarze Husar" (32) before he left Germany in 1933 when the National Socialists assumed the power and after a interstation in Czecholovakia where he appeared at the Deutsches Theater, he emigrated via Switzerland and France to the USA.

In the USA he was able to gain a foothold again both at the theater and in the film business although he only impersonated very small roles especially in the movies, often as a soldier or officier of the German army from who he had to flee in reality.

Anyway Lutz Altschul was able to took part in some very popular American movies like "Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet" (40), "Pacific Rendezvous" (42), "Berlin Correspondent" (42), "Casablanca" (42), "Hangmen Also Die!" (43), "Mission to Moscow" (43), "Appointment in Berlin" (43), "The Cross of Lorraine" (43), "The Story of Dr. Wassell" (44) and "Son of Lassie" (45).
But beside it he also had to work as a taxi driver to earn additional money. In 1944 he became the US citizenship.

After the end or World War 2 he returned to Europa and acted on stage mostly. Beside it he also continued his film career. Among others he appeared in "Duell mit dem Tod" (49), "Strasse zur Heimat" (52), "Question 7" (61), "Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald" (64) and an episode of the serial "Kung Fu: The Chalice" (73) with David Carradine.

Other movies with Lutz Altschul:
Geheimbundsklaven (22) Und dennoch ward es morgen (22) Liebesfeuer (25) Rosenmontag (30) Nurse Edith Cavell (39) Nick Carter, Master Detective (39) Underground (41) All Through the Night (41) Desperate Journey (42) Adventures of the Flying Cadets (43) Chetniks (43) The Moon Is Down (43) Edge of Darkness (43) This Land Is Mine (43) Action in the North Atlantic (43) Hitler's Madman (43) Bomber's Moon (43) Hostages (43) The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler (43) Gangway for Tomorrow (43) The Song of Bernadette (43) Address Unknown (44) The Hitler Gang (44) The Black Parachute (44) Secrets of Scotland Yard (44) Wilson (44) The Big Noise (44) Counter-Attack (45) Die schöne Tölzerin (52) Serie "Das Kriminalmuseum: Die Fotokopie" (63) Der Arzt stellt fest.../Angeklagt nach § 218 (66)