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Gitta Alpar

Lichtbild aus "Die - oder keine" 1932

1903 - 1991

The actress, opera and operetta singer Gitta Alpar was born as Margit Klopfer in Budapest. She studied music at the university Budapest from 1919 where she learnt singing and piano. She made her stage debut in 1923 at the Opera of Budapast and laid with it the foundations of a successful singing career. It followed engagements at important opera houses in Vienna and Berlin.

The film industry became aware of the new darling of the audience and Gitta Alpar made her film debut with the productions "Gitta entdeckt ihr Herz" (32) and "Die - oder keine" (32).
Standing at the height of her career it came abruptly to an end for the political circumstances in Germany. As a Jew she emigrated first to Austria where she took part in the movie "Ball im Savoy" (35).

One year later she fled to Budapest where she continued her career and in 1936 she got an engagement in England. Other tours followed in Poland and Chechovlovkia. She left Europe in 1938 and went to Argentina, in the following year she arrived the USA There she was not able to continue her career and earned her living as a singing teacher. There were few movies she took part but the roles remained small. 
To her last movies belong "Everything in Life" (36), "The Loves of Madame Du Barry" (38) and "The Flame of New Orleans" (41).

Gitta Alpar was married with the actor Gustav Fröhlich verheiratet, but the marriage had to be dissolved in the National Socialist Germany, moreover Gustav Fröhlich distanced from his wife because he didn't want to endanger his career.
He later tried to apologize for his behaviour but Gitta Alpar was not able to answer his prayers. A circumstance which gave him a hard time in his last leaving years and which beclouded his lust for life.

Other movies with Gitta Alpar: 
I Give My Heart (35) Le disque 413 (35) Guilty Melody (36) Mr. Stringfellow Says No (37)