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Kurt Alexander

1900 - 1945

The screenwriter and author Kurt Alexander was born as Kurt Rosenbaum in Berlin.

He began his career as a writer and director at the Stadttheater Heidelberg at the end of the 20s. Beside it he also wrote some radio plays, among others together with Max Ophüls like "Philologen-Freuden" and "Verkehrsbüro".

He wrote his first screenplay in 1931 for the movie "Wer nimmt die Liebe ernst…?" (31), afterwards he was engaged in the filmbusiness regularly.
Other screenplays followed with "Fünf von der Jazzband" (32), "Der Sprung ins Nichts" (32), "Die verkaufte Braut" (32), "Eine Stadt steht Kopf" (33) and "Liebelei" (33).

With the rise of the National Socialists he emigrated to Italy and France where he continued to work as a screenwriter.
To these productions belong "Toto" (33), "Sa signora di tutti" (34), "La tendre ennemie" (36), "Amore" (36), "Raphael le tatoué" (39), "Menaces…" (40) and "De Mayerling à Sarajevo" (40).

His last screenplay was "Félicie Nanteuil" (44).

Shortly afterwards he was arrested together with his wife and brought to the detention camp Drancy. Afterwards he was deported to Auschwitz and finally to the KZ Flossenbürg where he died in 1945.

Other movies from Kurt Alexander (Writer):
Remous (35) Le scarpe al sole (35) La fossa degli angeli (37) I due barbieri (37) Allegri masnadieri (39) Boefje (39) Sans lendemain (39)

La fossa degli angeli (37)