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Emanuel Alfieri

1889 - 1964

The screenwriter Emanuel Alfieri was born as Emanoel Adler in Bucharest. He finished his law education before he began to work for a publishing company. Beside it he also was a member of a concert agency in Munich.

His professional career became interrupted by World War I, after the war he joined the film business where he wrote his first screenplays.
To his scripts in the silent film era belong "Nachtstürme" (23), "Krieg im Frieden" (25), "Das Geheimnis von St. Pauli" (26), "Der Bettler vom Kölner Dom" (27), "Leichte Kavallerie" (27), "Der Staatsanwalt klagt an" (28), "Der Henker" (28) and "Frauen am Abgrund" (29).

His film career ended with the rise of the sound film, only "Vertauschte Gesichter" (31) was realised after his screenplay.

When the National Socialists came into power in Germany even his private life came to an end. As a Jew he lost his whole fortune by confiscation and he was arrested at the KZ Sachsenhausen till the end of 1938.
After his release he fled to France and the USA with his family and avoided the destiny of other family members like the opera singer Georg Alfieri-Adler who was murdered in the same KZ in 1940.

Other movies von Emanuel Alfieri:
Rosenmontag (24) Die rote Maus (26) Die Lindenwirtin am Rhein (27) Mikosch rückt ein (28) Die grösse Liebe (28) Vivre (28) Die weissen Rosen von Ravensberg (29) Das verschwundene Testament (29) Das Panzerauto (29)