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Carlo Aldini

Lichtbild aus "Helena" 1924 als Achilles

1894 - 1961

The actor Carlo Aldini was an enthusiastic sportsman who was active as a boxer, wrestler and longjumper. He even was double Italian champion as a wrestler.

Carlo Aldini made his film debut with "La 61-71-87" (20) and became well-known in Europe in one go. He filled the audience with enthusiasm in the next years with his action movies. In the meantime he has got himself the pseudonym "Ajax" and acted in some movies with this name. Other well-known Italian silent movies are "Le perle di Cleopatra" (20), "Tetuan, il galeotto detective" (21), "Per guadagnare cento millioni" (22) and "La fuga di Socrate" (23).

He went to Germany in 1923 where he continued his career till the end of the silent movie era. Sometimes he also appeared as a producer and director of his own production company "Aldini-Film GmbH". 

To his well-known movies of the 20's belong "Dreiklang der Nacht" (24), "Helena" (24) - as Achilles, "Jagd auf Menschen" (26), "Einer gegen Alle" (27) and "Das verschwundene Testament" (29).

With the launch of the sound film his engagements became seldom although he had a perfect knowledge of German. To his last cinematical works belong "Tempo, Carlo, Tempo" (34) and "Carlos schönstes Abenteuer" (34).

Other movies with Carlo Aldini:
Il segreto della Diamond Cy (21) Il piu celebre ladro del mondo (21) Ajax (21) I conquisatori del mondo (22) Il segreto del morto (22) Die närrische Wette des Lord Aldini (23) Gentleman auf Zeit (24) Der Kampf gegen Berlin (25) Nick, der König der Chauffeure (25) Der Mann ohne Kopf (27) Die Abenteuer G.m.b.H. (28) Dva pekelné dny - Zwei höllische Tage (28) Das Panzerauto (29) Wer hat Robby gesehen? (30) Im Kampf mit der Unterwelt (30)

Jagd auf Menschen (26) Der Mann ohne Kopf (27) Im Kampf mit der Unterwelt (30)

Im Kampf mit der Unterwelt (30)