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Luciano Albertini

Picture Luciano Albertini
Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1882 - 1945

The Italian actor Luciano Albertini was born as Francesco Vespignani in Luga di Romagna. He was already very sportive in his younger days which inured to the benefit of his future film career. 
He earned is first money as a gym teacher for the marine in Turin and as a sailor before he joined the Circus Busch as an artist. in 1905 he got married with the artist Domenica Meirone and he was very successful with his number on the trapeze till 1914. When World War I broke out his career became interrupted and he returned to Italy where he made his film debut with "Assunta Spina" (14). Afterwards he went to the Italien marine. 

Before the end of war he was able to continue his film career and he was often engaged for roles in which he could demonstrate his muscle hardened body. To his successes belong "Sansone muto" (19) with his second wife Linda Albertini, "Il re dell'abisso" (19), "Sansone burlone" (20) and finally "Il mostro di Frankenstein" (20) where he impersonated the role of baron Frankenstein. 

He went to Germany where he founded his own company "Albertini Film GmbH". There he continued his career as an actor in action movies and ffor a certain time he was a competitor of Harry Piel, although he was not able to reach whose popularity.

To his movies in Germany of the 20s belong "Die Schlucht des Todes" (23) where he was the director and he took part in movies like "Der König der Manege" (21), "Die Todesleiter" (21), "Die Heimkehr des Odysseus" (22), "Der Mann auf dem Kometen" (25), "Rinaldo Rinaldini" (27), "Der Unüberwindliche" (28) and "Der grösste Gauner des Jahrhunderts" (28). 

In those years he also had an engagement in the USA where he performed the leading role in the serial "The Iron Man" (24).

His career came to an end with the rise of the sound film, but also his healthiness changed to the worse because he drank too much alcohol.
He only appeared in the movies "Die Jagd nach der Million" (30) and "Es geht um alles" (32), thereafter his name disappeared from the screen. 

The end of the whilom personified power was tragically. The alcohol was part of his end and when he got part of an argument he was admitted to a mental home for a brief time. After the release he returned to Italy where he suffered from proceeding dementia. Finally hie died in January 1945 in the psychiatric hospital San Gaetano in Budrio. 

Other movies with Luciano Albertini (Darsteller, Regie): 
Sansone contro i Filistei (18) Sansone e la ladra di atleti (19) Il protetto della morte (19) Sansone l'acrobata del Kolossal (20) Sansone e i rettili umani (20) Figli di Ausonia (20) Il ponte dei sospiri (21) Die eiserne Faust (21) Julot, der Apache (21) Der Mann aus Stahl (22) Die brennende Kugel (23) Der Sieg des Maharadscha (23) Mister Radio (24) Der König und die kleinen Mädchen (25) Eine Minute vor zwölf (25) Menschenleben in Gefahr (26) Arsenal (29) Tempo! Tempo! (29) Die Jagd nach der Million (30)