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Thekla Ahrens

Lichtbild aus "Alles für Veronika" 1936

1906 - ?

The actress Thekla Ahrens began her career at the theater where she made her debut in 1926 at the Landestheater in Oldenburg. In the next years followed engagements in Hamburg, Bern, Nuremberg and Berlin

In the middle of the 30s she also impersonated smaller roles in few movies.
To these productions belong "Weisse Majestät" (34) playing the role of Greta with Gustav Diessl, Hertha Thiele, Beni Führer, Max Weydner, Rolf Pinegger, Carl de Vogt and Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur, as Marie in "Un de la montagne" (34) with Gustav Diessl, Léon Belières, Beni Führer and Marcel Vibert, as sister Anna in Werner Hochbaum's "Die ewige Maske" (35) with Peter Petersen, Mathias Wieman, Franz Schafheitlin and Olga Tschechowa, playing the role of Marquise de Pompadour in "Der König lächelt, Paris lacht" (36) directed by Karel Lamac with Willy Eichberger, Rose Stradner, Alfred Neugebauer, Leo Slezak, Lucie Englisch and Rudolf Carl as well as the title role in "Veronika, das Warenhausmädel" (36) directed by Veit Harlan with Willy Eichberger, Hans Moser, Theo Lingen, Walter Janssen, Grethe Weiser, Hilde Hildebrand and Hubert von Meyerinck.

Thekla Ahrens was married with the lawyer and film producer Ernst Oskar Schmid (Thekla-Film).