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Curt Ackermann

Lichtbild aus "Der verzauberte Tag" 1944

1905 - 1988

The actor Curt Ackermann began his film career in the Middle of the 30's. To his first movies belong "Der geheimnisvolle Mister X" (36), "Yvette" (38) and "Drunter und drüber" (39).

But his greatest successes he had at the theater where he impersonated many roles. Especially his impressive voice had a great fascination.
Curt Ackermann appeared again in movies of the 40's, among them "Der grosse Schatten" (42), "Ein Mann mit Grundsätzen" (43) and "Damals" (43).

After the war he entered a new career with dubbing foreign movies. His voice which was regarded as one of the most masculine and high-classest of his era was very catchy, moreover he knew his trade like on one else.
His voice was used so often in the following years that he decided put his acting career aside - with few exceptions. Besides it he was also active as a dialog writer, among others he wrote the German dialog for "That Touch of Mink" and "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

Curt Ackermann only appeared in two more movies as an actor after the war - "Sag' die Wahrheit" (46) and "Der Kaplan von Lorenzo" (52).

To his numerous noteworthy dubbings belong stars like Cary Grant ("To Catch a Thief", "Charade" and others), Burt Lancaster ("Vera Cruz", "Brute Force" and others), Bernard Lee as M in the James Bond movie "Live and Let Die", David Niven in "The Pink Panther", Basil Rathbone in "The Adventures of Robin Hood", John Wayne in "The Comancheros" and Robert Mitchum in "The Way West" and "The Night of the Hunter".

Other movies with Curt Ackermann:
Zimmermädchen...Dreimal klingeln (34) Grossstadtmelodie (43) Philharmoniker (44) Der verzauberte Tag (44)