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Carl Ludwig Achaz-Duisberg

Medallion from Arnold Hartig (1878-1972)

1889 - 1958

The actor and director Carl Ludwig Achaz-Duisberg was the son of the well-known chemist Friedrich Carl Duisberg.

His first activities in the film business was as an actor.
He took part in Erik Lund's „Die Lüge eines Sommers“ (22) at the side of Eugen Burg, Uschi Elleot, Bruno Kastner, Edith Meller and Heinrich Peer.

Afterwards he impersonated the role of Frank de Wyl in „Wenn die Maske fällt“ (23) again directed by Erik Lund with Eugen Burg, Ernst Dernburg, Gustav Botz, Lia Eibenschütz, Bruno Kastner, Edith Meller and Ernst Rotmund.

In 1929 he wrote the screenplay and he was the director of the movie „Sprengbagger 1010“ (29) with Heinrich George, Viola Garden, Iwan Kowal-Samborsky, Gertrud Arnold, Paul Biensfeldt and Paul Henckels.

Carl Ludwig Achaz-Duisberg was also engaged in the world of theater, among others he was the director of the Deutsches Theater in Berlin.

The sculptor Arnold Hartig dedicated a medallion which shows Carl Ludwig Achaz-Duisberg in the profile – see picture on the left side.