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Truus van Aalten

Picture Truus van Aalten
Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1910 - 1999

Truus van Aalten moved at the age of sixteen to the film metropolis Berlin where she got a role in the movie "Die sieben Töchter der Frau Gyurkovics" (27) because of a competition she won. Although she had no acting education at all she was employed by the Ufa for the next two years. Thereafter it followed film works for other companies too. 

Because of her informal acting and her enormous humour  she succeeded to entertain the audience and became soon established as a so-called "Backfisch" as the teenager were named in those days.

The transition to the sound film turned out well for her despite her Dutch origin and she shot movies like "Kasernenzauber" (30), "Pension Schöller" (30) and "Liebling der Götter" (30).

But the new difficult political conditions in Germany it turned out to be hard to get new role offers.
In 1934 she returned to Amsterdam where she shot her only Dutch movie with the title "Het meisje met den blauwen hoed" (34).

When she stood in Berlin in 1939 she got once more a leading role in "Ein ganzer Kerl", it should be her last movie.

After the war she tried once more to gain a foothold in film business in England. But the there unknown actress finally failed because of her lack of knowledge of English.

As a result she turned her back on the film business and began a successful career as a businesswoman with her self-founded shop for souvenirs in Voorhut.

Other movies with Truus van Aalten:
Die selige Exzellenz (27) Die geheime Macht (27) Gustav Mond...Du gehst so stille (27) Sechs Mädchen suchen Nachtquartier (28) Das Spreewaldmädel/Wenn die Garde marschiert (28) Leontines Ehemänner (28) Die lustigen Vagabunden (28) Der moderne Casanova (28) Ich hab' mein Herz im Autobus verloren (29) Jennys Bummel durch die Männer (29) Die fidele Herrenpartie/Herren unter sich (29) Karl Valentin, der Sonderling (29) Oh Mädchen, mein Mädchen, wie lieb' ich Dich! (30) Nur am Rhein... (30) Susanne macht Ordnung (30) Kopfüber ins Glück (30) Der Bettelstudent (31) Ausflug ins Leben/Hirsekorn greift ein (31) Teilnehmer antwortet nicht (32) Nur ein Viertelstündchen (32) Eine ideale Wohnung (33) G'schichten aus dem Wienerwald (34)