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Renée Heribel

1903 - 1952

The actress Renée Heribel was able to launch a brief but impressive film career from the second half of the 20s.
After her screen debut "Le vert galant" (24) she already took part in her first box office hit with "Madame Sans-Gêne" (25) with Gloria Swanson in the leading role.

Afterwards followed other French productions like "Fanfan-la-Tulipe" (25) with Aimé Simon-Girard and "L'île enchantée" (25) with Jean Garat.

Finally she managed the leap abroad and she appeared in some German movies, among them "Die weisse Sklavin" (27) with  Liane Haid und Vladimir Gaidarow, "Die Stadt der tausend Freuden" (27) with Paul Richter and Adele Sandrock and "Der Faschingskönig" (28) directed by Georg Jacoby.

In the next years followed other movies in France and Germany, among them "La ville des milles joies" (29), "Cagliostro" (29), "Narkose" (29), "Les trois masques" (30), "Chacun sa chance" (31), "Les nuits de Port Said" (32) and "Le crime du chemin rouge" (33).

Renée Heribel died in 1952 at the age of ony 49.

Other movies with Renée Heribel:
Titi premier, roi des gosses (26) Jokeren (28) Minuit...place Pigalle (28) Le prince Jean (28) L'appassionata (29) Die Nacht des Schreckens (29) Der Liebesmarkt (30) La maison jaune de Rio (31) Le triangle de feu (32)