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Victor Francen

1888 - 1977

The actor Victor Francen was a demanded actor of the early French talkies who had normally to impersonate villains after his emigration to the USA.

He began his career at the theater and toured through Europe, Canada and Sout America, after that he joined the Comedie Française.

His first movies were silent movies, for example "Crépuscule d'épouvante" (21) and "La neige sur les pas" (23).
But only at the beginning of the 30's he was able to assert as a star and he impersonated bigger support roles and leading roles in the next years.
Especially in movies directed by Abel Gance he went to the acting borderline of possibility like in "La fin du monde" (31) and "J'accuse!" (38).
Other well-known movies were "Après l'amour" (31), "Mélo" (32), "Le voleur" (34), "Le roi" (36), "Nuits de feu" (37), "La vierge folle" (38) and "La fin du jour" (39).

When the National Socialists marched into France he went to the USA where he still was a demanded actor who often played spies, schemers or rascals.
To his most popular movies of the 40's belong "Hold Back the Dawn" (41), "Tales of Manhattan" (42), "Mission to Moscow" (43), "Madame Curie" (43), "The Desert Song" (43), "The Mask of Dimitrios" (44), "Confidential Agent" (45), "The Beast with Five Fingers" (46) and "To the Victor" (48).

Victor Francen acted in the USA as well as France and Germany in the next years.
To his last movies belong "Hell and High Water" (54), "A Farewell to Arms" (57), "Der Tiger von Eschnapur" (59), "Das indische Grabmal" (59), "Jorney to the Lost City" (59), "Fanny" (61) and "La grande frousse" (64).

After the movie "Top Crack" (66) he retired from the film business.

Victor Francen was married with the actress Mary Marquet.

Other movies with Victor Francen: 
Ariane, jeune fille russe (31) L'aiglon (31) Les ailes brisées (33) End of the World (34) L'aventurier (34) Veille d'armes (35) La porte du large (36) Tamara la complaisante (37) Forfaiture (37) Feu! (37) Double crime sur la ligne Maginot (37) L'appel de la vie (37) Entente cordiale (39) Le chemineau (40) L'homme du Niger" (40) The Tuttles of Tahiti (42) Ten Gentlemen from West Point (42) In Our Time (44) Passage to Marseille (44) The Conspirators (44) San Antonio (45) Devition (46) Night and Day (46) The Beginning or the End (47) La révoltée (47) La nuit s'achève (50) Adventures of Captain Fabian (51) Bedevilled (55) Serie "Letter to Loretta: The Road" (59) Serie "I Spy: Vendetta" (66)