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Eddie Constantine

1917 - 1993

The actor Eddie Constantine was born as Edward Constantinowsky. He experienced an enormous popularity in the 50's and 60's with several movies in which he impersonated the figur Lemmy Caution.

Eddie Constantine attended a singing education in Vienna and New York and should have his first cinematical appearance as an extra in "Born to Dance" (36).
But it was still a long way till to the acting. First he earned his money as a singer in different nightclubs and was able to record his first record at the beginning of the 50's thanks to Edith Piaf.

When he made his serious film debut in 1953 with "La môme vert-de-gris" (53) he impersonated the character Lemmy Caution which became guiding for his future film career.
The part of the ladykiller endowed with wit, charme and above-average self-confidence appealed to the mass and the nearly caricature-like brawls filled the young audience with enthusiasm.

Eddie Constantine impersonated the FBI agent Lemmy Caution twelfe times, so in "Les femmes s'en balancent" (53), "Cet homme est dangereux" (53), "Vous pigez" (56), "Comment qu'elle est!" (60), "Lemmy pour les dames" (61), "A toi de faire...mignonne" (63), "Alphaville, une étrange aventure de Lemmy Caution" (65) und nach längerem Unterbruch "Makaroni Blues" (86), "Le retour de Lemmy Caution" (89) and "Allemagne 90 neuf zéro (91).

But to reduce Eddie Constantine to these dozen movies wouldn't do justice to him. In the 50's and 60's he also acted in movies like "Je suis un sentimental" (55), "Bonsoir Paris" (56), "Le grand bluff" (57), "Du rififi chez les femmes" (59), "SOS Pacific" (59), "Bonne chance, Charlie" (62), "Nous irons à Deauville" (62), "Nick Carter va tout casser" (64), "Lucky Jo" (64) and "A tout casser" (68).

Eddie Constantine got a second activity area in Germany from the 50's. After appearances in "Hoppla, jetzt kommt Eddie" (58) and "Bomben auf Monte Carlo" (59) followed a longer interruption before he introduced a renaissance in the German film business from the 70's which showed him from an other side as before.
Especially his roles in Peter Lilienthal's "Malatesta" (70) and Rainer Werner Fassbinders "Warnung vor einer heiligen Nutte" (71) and "Welt am Draht" (73) opened him other interesting roles in the following years.
To these movies belong "Der zweite Frühling" (75), "Raid on Entebbe" (77), "Die dritte Generation" (79) - also directed by Fassbinder, "Bildnis einer Trinkerin" (79), "The Long Good Friday" (80), "Freak Orlando" (81), "Les fugitifs" (82), "Das Mikado-Projekt" (83) and "Helsinki Napoli All Night Long" (87).

In his last years of life he acted in productions like the serial "Rivalen der Rennbahn" (89), "Europa" (91) and "Three Shake-a-Leg Steps to Heaven" (93).

Other movies with Eddie Constantine: 
Egypt by Three (53) Votre dévoué Blake (54) Avanzi di galera (54) Ca va barder (55) Broadway Jungle (55) Ce soir les jupons volent (56) Folies-Bergère (56) L'homme et l'enfant (56) Les truands (56) Ces dames préfèrent le mambo (57) Incognito (58) Passport to Shame (58) The Treasure of San Teresa (59) Chien de pipque (60) Ca va être ta fête (60) Me faire ça à moi (60) Mani in alto (61) Cause toujours, mon lapin (61) Cléo de 5 à 7 (61) Une grosse tête (61) Les sept péchés capitaux: La paresse (62) L'empire de la nuit (62) Les femmes d'abord (63) Tela de arana (63) Des frissons partout (63) Comment trouvez-vous ma soeur? (63) Laissez tirer les tireurs (64) Ces dames s'en mêlent (64) Faites vos jeux, mesdames (65) Cent briques et des tuiles (65) Nick Carter et le trèfle rouge (65) Je vous salue mafia (65) Cartas boca arriba (66) Residencia para espias (66) Lions Love (69) Eine Rose für Jane (70) Supergirl - Das Mädchen von den Sternen (71) Haytabo (71) Wir sind drei (72) Geen paniek (73) Une baleine qui avait mal aux dents (75) Souvenir of Gibraltar (75) Bloedverwanten (77) Le couple témoin (77) Serie "Zwei himmlische Töchter" (78) It Lives Again (78) Victor (79) Bestellt - geklaut - geliefert (80) Panische Zeiten (80) Exit...nur keine Panik (80) Tango durch Deutschland (81) Neige (81) Rote Liebe - Wassilissa (81) Rote Liebe (82) Serie "De bien étranges affaires: Lourde gueuse" (82) Boxoffice (82) Serie "Les brigades du tigre: Made in USA" (82) Serie "Kottan ermittelt: Hausbesuche" (83) Serie "Kottan ermittelt: Fühlt wie Du" (83) Der Schnüffler (83) La bête noire (83) J'ai bien l'honneur (84) Serie "Une aventure de Phil Perfect" (84) Tiger - Frühling in Wien (84) Seifenblasen (84) Uno scugnizzo a New York (84) Rambo Zambo (84) Paul Chevrolet en de ultieme hallucinatie (85) Serie "Roncalli" (86) Serie "Le privé" (86) Pehavy Max a Strasidla (87) Serie "Les cinq dernières minutes: Pour qui sonne le jazz" (88) Serie "L'agence: Mais qui a tué Harry?" (89) Serie "Frankensteins Tante" (90) Tokyo no kyujitsu (93)