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The Munsters
Fred Gwynne
Herman Munster
Yvonne De Carlo
Lily Munster
Al Lewis
Butch Patrick
Eddie Munster
Pat Priest
Marilyn Munster

1313 Mockingbird Lane, the spooky and with cobwebs furnished residence of the Munsters, a family which looks like horror figures from the 30s, is first-class borrower for a stay with a guarantee for a goosepimples. 
The family is made of Herman, who works on a cemetery, his wife Lily (a female vampire), their common son Eddie (a werewolf), Lily's father (a real count Dracula) and the niece Marilyn (the black sheep in the family).
The illustrate circle is rounded by the pet Spot (a fire spitting dragon, who lives under the staircase).

The serial "The Munsters" was a great success in the 60s and enjoys still today great popularity as a result of several repetitions. No wonder that I soon tried to receive the signatures of the actors and actresses for my collection.


The Munster

Herman Munster is in the best manhood (150 years old) and lives in grand style (shoe size 26C).
With a height of 2.25 meters he towers above all the other members of the family.
Because of his with steel bolt decorated neck (Herman Munster appears here as pioneer of the present piercing fashion), his greenish skin, the different ears and the beauty-bruise in from of a blizzard he is hardly to overlook.

Herman Munster was produced in a German lab by Dr. Frankenstein, whose hobby was to put persons together with his "Do-It-Yourself" construction set. 
Herman left Germany at an early age and was adopted in England by a family called Munster.

Herman distinguishes himself through exceptional capabilities in telling childish jokes. 

His professional background led him to the undertaker's of Gateman Goodbury & Graves.

He proves his good taste with his preference for "Huckleberry Hound" and "Pat Boone"-albums. 


The Person

 Fred Gwynne was born in 1926 in New York City. With the part of Herman Munster he achieved the zenith of his popularity although he could prove his acting capabilities in severeal other movies.
At about the end of World War II he worked for the radio of the Navy. After the war he visited Harvard University where he came in contact with acting for the first time when he went on tour with the Brattle theater group. Because of appearances in some Broadway productions he also had sporadic entrances in TV shows. In 1961 he appeared for the first time in the TV serial "Car 54 Where Are You", where he chanced up on Al Lewis (the actor of Grandpa). After two years and 61 episodes the serial was stopped. 
1964 and 1965 were marked by the Munsters. Although this serial had a far better success than "Car 54", it was also stopped after two years and 70 episodes. It wasn't because the serial didn't have enough success but was to reduce to the extreme expenditure for the special effects in those days.
After "The Munsters" Fred Gwynne worked furthermore for the television business with occasional appearances however he developed a great talent as an author at the same time (Chocolate Moose for Dinner) and as an artist and sculptor.
During the 70s and 80s he returned to the Broadway. The 80s constituted also a turning point in his film career. Swamped with offers he acted in 19 movie productions, e.g. The Cotton Club (84) Fatal Attraction (87) and My Cousin Vinny (92) where he played a judge

In 1993 Fred Gwynne died at the age of 67.


The Munster

Lily Dracula Munster was born in Transylvania. She gets a brother called Lester and an unnamed sister.

To estimate her age is very difficult. She herself gives different personal datas which are to handle with caution. It is a fact that she has to be 137 years old at least. 
Her appearance differs considerable from her husband. With her vampire-like looks, the deathly pale complexion and the silvery streaks in the hair sie sprays a mysterious attraction. Her favorite scent is Chanel No. 13.

Lily pursues a fulltime job as a housewife. In addition she indulges in palmistry. One of her stand out characteristic is the inexhaustible sacrifice for husband and family.



The Person

  Peggy Yvonne Middleton was born in Canada in 1922. She went to school for dramaturgy and had her film debut in 1942 in "Harvard Here I Come". In contrast to Fred Gwynne and the other players, who didn't shoot films or acted only in few movies, Yvonne De Carlo - as she calls herself - she has already been a star as an actress in minor parts during the 40s (with 28 films) and in leading roles during the 50s (with 26 films).
When she was offered to play the part of Lily Munster, she hesitated, but after all she agreed. At the beginning of the shooting the other players seemed insecure in the company of a real actress. But this circumstance vanished after a short time.
After "The Munsters" she appeared regular in other film productions. Her last appearance is dated in 1995 for a repeat performance of "The Munsters" with the title "Here Come the Munsters", where also Al Lewis, Butch Patrick and Pat Priest had small entrance as special guests. The leading roles were played by a new cast.
In the last few years Yvonne De Carlo was working on her biography which she published with the title"Yvonne".

In 2007 Yvonne de Carlo died at the age of 85.


The Munster

Grandpa (his original name is Count Dracula aka Sam Dracula) was born in Transylvania and counts proud 378 years. He put three children into the world (Lily, Lester and an unnamed daughter). In younger years Grandpa was a successful womanizer (occasionally he thinks he is still a ladykiller) and was married 16 times. At the time he is single.

To his talents belongs magic (most with unforeseen side effects) and supernatural capabilities (he is able to predict when the telephone rings).

His dress remind you of an outsized penguin. Grandpa is in the habit to sleep on a slab or to hang down from a rooftree.




The Person

    Al Lewis was born in Brooklyin in 1923. His first conact with the show business he already had in 1923 as he worked as a circus clown and trapeze artist. Later he worked for Radio WGN in Chicago and was part of soaps on the radio. He also wrote two children's book and gave lessons at school. During World War II he acted as a sailor and his ship was torpedoed twice. At the age of 31 he finished his education as Ph.D. in child psychology. A friend connected him with acting, his first role Al Lewis playes at theaters. His first TV appearance he had in the serial "Car 54 Where Are You". Like Fred Gwynne the role as Grandpa in "The Munsters" was that role what made him world-famous.
The time after "The Munsters" wasn't so productive for Al Lewis in comparison with e.g. Fred Gwynne.  Usually he had parts in B-Pictures and appearance in TV shows.
Al Lewis opened a restaurant with the name "Grampas", where he entertained the customers personally. 
This days Al Lewis likes to look back with a pleasure to the time when he banished the viewers as Grandpa.
But to withdraw completely isn't his cup of tea. In 1998 he was a candidate for the position of a governor of New York but wasn't elected.

He died in 2006 at the age of 83.


The Munster

 Edward "Eddie" Wolfgang Munster is at the beginning of his life. At the age of 10 he has a lot to catch up on of experience of life. His relationship with a werewolf is immense. So it was inevitable that his puppet "Woof-Woof" also belongs to this species.
His special shaped ears anticipated this of Mr. Spock but it is for certain that Eddie isnt' a product of a Vulcanier. 

Also Little Eddie is fitted out with specific talents. He doesn't have any difficulty to open a tin with his ears. And he prefers to sleep in a casket.

Eddie Munster visits the 5th grade of the Mocking Bird Heights Elementary School. He is fond of playing with his classmates, so far as he can catch one.

For a performance test he wrote the song "My Parents, an Average American Family".


The Person

    Butch Patrick was born in Los Angeles in 1953 as Patrick Lilley.

Before he had his great entrance in "The Munsters" he acted among other things in an episode of "Gunsmoke" and in the movies "The Two Little Bears" (61) and "Hand of Death" (62). However his first of all TV entrances was for a commercial for Kellogg's.

After the time of "The Munsters" turned up on the screen occasionally. With the serial "Lidsville" he could achieve success for a short time and was portrayed in some teenie magazines. 
Butch Patrick tried to free himself from the show business but when his stock of money lowered to an end he came back and appeared among for example in the self founded musical group "Eddie and the Monsters".

In this days he lives in St. Petersburg Beach in Florida.


The Munster

Marilyn Munster is considered to be the ugly duck in the family (at least for the Munsters). She is around 23 years old and for the rest of the world beautiful and sexy.

She is the daughter of Lily Munster's unnamed sister and distinguish herself for cooking, chatting and laughing.

Sie is an involuntary single because oddly enough all her admirers never again turn up after a visit to her family; what confirms the speculation of the remaining Munsters that Marilyn is too ugly.

Her irrevocable goal is to find a man - any man.




The Person

   At the age of 15 Pat Priest's parents moved from Salt Lake City to Bountiful, Utah. Although she grew up in a small city she came in contact with the show business through her moter Ivy. Her mother wrote, produced and performed often street plays for the Mormon church. Ivy Priesst was from 1953 to 1961 treasurer of the USA and her signature appeared on the US bills in those years.
After Pat moved with her family to Washington she soon conquered victories in beauty contests and finally developed that she has inherit the interest in show business from her mother. She went to California where she collected first experiences at small theaters. This lead her to several commercial entrances on TV.
In the mittle of 1964, after 13 episodes of "The Munsters" the actress at that time - Beverly Owen - decided to leave the serial.  Finally Pat Priest obtained the empty role and personified this figur till to 70th and last episode of "The Munsters". For most of the viewers Pat Priest applies to be the "real" Marilyn.
After the discontinuance of the serial she could celebrate only one more height in her film career with an entrance together with Elvis Presley in the movie "Easy Come, Easy Go" (73), where she played a bad girl contrary to her image as the nice girl next door.
When she looks back on the time with Elvis she regret only one thing. She bought from Elvis his 1967 Cadillac El Dorado but later she swapped it for a Pontiac.
"When I would still possess this car I could financial retire".
Pat Priest is married in second marriage with Fred Hansing and lived in Haley, Idaho.