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Porträt von Charles ChaplinThis Charles Chaplin was born as Charles Joshua Chaplin in Les Andelys in 1825.

Chaplin attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts from 1840 and was a student of Michel-Martin Drolling.

The painter, etcher and lithographer Chaplin made his debut as early as 1845 in the Salon of the Académie des Beaux-Arts with a portrait of his mother. Even then, his preference for portraits of women and children crystallized, which would later make him so famous.

From 1847 he regularly delivered works for exhibitions, among others for the Royal Academy in London. Early in his career, he also painted numerous flower studies, which were shown at the Salon de las Flores. Landscape paintings, often in connection with the peasant genre, round out his work.

Original-Brief von Charles Chaplin aus dem Jahre 1885However, he achieved great mastery with his portraits of young women, which have lost none of their fascination even today. His pictures show graceful women, but also seductive poses with partly exposed breasts.

Among his great admirers was Empress Eugénie, the wife of Napoleon III, and thus Charles Chaplin advanced to become one of the most popular artists of Napoleon III's imperial family.
When in 1859 his work "Aurora" was rejected by the Salon jury as scandalous and the Comte de Nieuwerkerke imposed an exhibition ban on the painting, Napoleon III lifted this ban again.

He was also a sought-after artist by the rest of the aristocracy and high society, which further increased his fame.

Privately, he supported female artists and he taught art classes in his studio specifically for women. His students included Marie Helene Aarestrup, Louise Abbéma and Mary Cassatt.

Chaplin's skills were also clearly reflected in his etchings. These are characterized by fine lines and an extremely precise representation.

In the course of his career, Charles Chaplin received many honors and awards, including being knighted in 1879 and becoming an officer of the Legion of Honor in 1881.

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