Lois Wilson

Photo: Albert Witzel (1879-1929)

1894 - 1988

The original dream job from Lois Wilson was to become a teacher. But when she won a local beauty contest in 1915 this changed everything.
The prize contained an excursionto Hollywood and a visit at Carl Laemmle's Universal studios.

There she was spotted for the film and the excursion became a constant stay in Hollywood. Her family also moved to California and her two sisters Diana Kane and Connie Lewis became actresses too.

Lois Wilson got first support roles and took part in numerous movies like "The Girl of the Night" (15), "The Hypocrite" (15) - where she also was the director - "Hulda the Silent" (16), "The Silent Battle" (16), "The Beckoning Trail" (16), "Black Evidence" (17), "Alimony" (17), "A Burglar for a Night" (18), "The Bells" (18), "Three X Gordon" (18), "The End of the Game" (19) and "The Price Woman Pays" (19).

She got a contract at Paramount in 1919 and appeared in well-known productions like "The City of Maks" (20), "Miss Lulu Bett" (21), "Manslaughter" (22), "The Covered Wagon" (23), ""Bella Donna" (23) and "The Man Who Fights Alone" (24).

From the middle of the 20's Lois Wilson was a star and she acted together with the most famous actors. Among others she appeared together with the greatest star of the silent movie era in the movie "Monsieur Beaucaire" (24) - Rudolph Valentino.

Other well-known productions of the 20's are "Icebound" (24), "Bluebeard's Seven Wives" (26), "The Great Gatsby" (26), "New York" (27), "Ransom" (28), "Conquest" (28) and "The Gamblers" (29).

The talkies also offered her many interesting roles, even if only support roles. In the 30's she took part in the movies "Temptation" (30), "The Expert" (32), "Divorce in the Family" (32), "Secrets of Wu Sin" (32), "The Crash" (32), "Female" (33), "Ticket to a Crime" (34), "Life Returns" (35) and "Bad Little Angel" (39).
After the movies "Nobody's Children" (40) and "For Beauty's Sake" (41) she retired from the film business with few exceptions. Her last acting activity was for the television for the serials "The Guiding Light" (54) and "The Secret Storm" (54).

Other movies with Lois Wilson: 
When a Queen Loved O'Rourke (15) The Road to Paradise (15) Langdon's Legacy (15) Married on the Wing (16) The Dumb Girl of Portici (16) The Gay Lord Waring (16) A Son of the Immortals (16) The Decoy (16) The Pool of Flame (16) The Morals of Hilda (16) The Whispered Name (16) He Wrote a Book (16) Arthur's Deep Resolve (16) Flames of Treachery (17) Treason (17) His Robe of Honor (18) The Turn of a Card (18) One Dollar Bid (18) Parentage (18) Maid o' the Storm (18) Prisoners of the Pines (18) A Man's Man (18) The Drifters (19) Come Again Smith (19) Gates of Brass (19) The Best Man (19) A Man's Fight (19) Love Insurance (19) Why Smith Left Home (19) It Pays to Advertise (19) Who's Your Servant? (20) Thou Art the Man (20) What's Your Hurry? (20) A Full House (20) Burglars Proof (20) Too Much Johnson (2) Midsummer Madness (20) What Every Woman Knows (21) The City of Silent Men (21) The Lost Romance (21) The Hell Diggers (21) Our Leading Citizen (22) Without Compromise (22) Broad Daylight (22) The World's Champion (22) Is Matrimony a Failure? (22) Only 38 (23) Hollywood (23) To the Last Man (23) Ruggles of Red Gap (23) The Call of the Cayon (23) A Man's Man (23) Pied Piper Malone (24) North of 36 (24) Another Scandal (24) Contraband (25) The Thundering Herd (25) Welcome Home (25) Rugged Water (25) The Vanishing American (25) Irish Luck (25) Let's Get Married (26) Fascinating Youth (26) The Show Off (26) The Gingham Girl (27) Alias the Lone Wolf (27) French Dressing (27) Broadway Nights (27) Coney Island (28) Sally's Shoulders (28) On Trial (28) Object:Alimony (28) Miss Information (28) Kid Gloves (29) The Show of Shows (29) Wedding Rings (29) Her Husband's Women (29) A Bird in the Hand (29) The Furies (30) Lovin' the Ladies (30) Once a Gentleman (30) Seed (31) The Age for Love (31) The Rider of Death Valley (32) The Devil Is Driving (32) Drifting (32) Laughing at Life (33) In the Money (33) Deluge (33) Obey the Law (33) The Show-Off (34) School for Girls (34) No Greater Glory (34) There's AlwaysTomorrow (34) Bright Eyes (34) Born to Gamble (35) Cappy Ricks Returns (35) Your Uncle Dudley (35) Society Fever (35) Public Opinion (35) The Return of Jimmy Valentine (36) Wedding Present (36) Laughing at Trouble (37) Serie "The Aldrich Family" (49) The Girl from Jones Beach (49) Serie "The Ford Theatre Hour: The Married Look" (50) Serie "The Philco Television Playhouse: The Girl With the Stop Watch" (53)