Bransby Williams

1870 - 1961

The actor Bransby Williams was born as Bransby William Pharez in London. He attracted attention with impersonations of different Music Hall stars for the first time  geboren. He soon became a Music Hall star himself where he regularly acted since 1896.
Especially the figures from Charles Dickens' plays he was able to represent in the highest measure, to these characters belong Little Nell's grandfather, Sydney Carton, Uriah Heep and last but not least Scrooge.

Bransby Williams became soon a fix greatness at the English theater and he showed a great preference for monologues.

He made his film debut in 1915 with "Hard Times", it followed the movies "The Greatest Wish in the World" (18) and "Adam Bede" (18).
The film business kept a sideline but his few silent movies in the 20's were very successful. To these productions belong "The Adventures of Mr. Pickwick" (21) and of course "Scrooge" (28), a movie with is considered to be lost.

Bransby Williams also took part in talkies now and then, so in "Hearts of Humanity" (36), "The Song of the Road" (37), "Tomorrow We Live" (43), "A Christmas Carol" (50) - again as Scrooge, and "Judgment Deferred" (52).

His impressive stage career came to an abrupt end in the early 30's when he didn't keep to a five-year contract because of an accident of his wife. As a result he was noted on a black list and hardly got work. Within no time he changed from one of the best paid actors to a man living near poverty.

Other movies with Bransby Williams: 
Soldiers of the King (34) The Common Touch (41) Those Kids from Town (42) The Agitator (44) The Trojan Brothers (46) 

Scrooge (28)