Alice White

Foto: Jack Freulich (1878-1936)

1904 - 1983

The actress Alice White beganher film career as a secretary for Josef von Sternberg and Charles Chaplin.
Because of her remarkable beauty and her vivacious appearance they soon became aware of her. At the end of the 20's Alice White succeeded in launching her career as an actress.

To her well-known silent movies belong "The Sea Tiger" (27), "American Beauty" (27), "The Dove" (27), "The Private Life of Helen of Troy" (27), "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" (28) and "Hot Stuff" (29).

In the 30's she became offered some roles as a dancer and singer which didn't really suit her. Still she took part in many popular movies like "The Widow from Chicago" (30), "Murder at Midnight" (31), "Jimmy the Gent" (34), "Coronado" (35), "Big City" (37) and "Annabel Takes a Tour" (38).

Her career came swiftly to an end in the 40's. She only appeared in the movies "Night of January 16th" (41), "Girl's Town" (42) and "Flamingo Road" (49) before she retired from the film business.

The career of Alice White was influenced by several sex scandals which wasn't of advantage to her popularity. After her film career she continued to work at the theater till 1957 when an accident ended her career for good.

Alice White was among others married with the writer Sy Bartlett und the unsuccessful actor Jack Roberts.

Other movies with Alice White:
The Satin Woman (27) Breakfast at Sunrise (27) Mad Hour (28) The Big Noise (28) Harold Teen (28) Three-Ring Marriage (28) Lingerie (28) Show Girl (28) Naughty Baby (28) Boradway Babies (29) The Girl From Woolworth's (29) The Show of Shows (29) Playing Around (30) Show Girl in Hollywood (30) Sweet Mama (30) Sweethearts on Parade (30) 
The Naughty Flirt (31) God Is My Witness (31) Employees' Entrance (33) Luxury Liner (33) Picture Snatcher (33) King for a Night (33) Cross Country Cruise (34) A Very Honorable Guy (34) Gift of Gab (34) Secret of the Chateau (34) Sweet Music (35) Telephone Operator (37) King of the Newsboys (38)