Henry Victor

1892 - 1945

The actor Henry Victor was born in London but grew up in Germany.
His great way up to a screen idol already began in 1914 with the movie "The Revolutionists" (14). In the next years followed "She" (16), "The Picture of Dorian Gray" (16), "The Secret Woman" (18) and "The Heart of a Rose" (19).

Because of his portly height and his muscular body he became a star in the 20's. Well-known movies of those years are "Calvary" (20), "A Romance of Old Baghdad" (22), "The Crimson Circle" (22), "The White Shadow" (23), "The Royal Oak" (23), "The Love Story of Aliette Brunton" (24), "Braveheart" (25), "Crossed Signals" (26), "L'argent" (28), "After the Verdict" (28) and "Hate Ship" (29).

The talkies of the 30's made it difficult for him to impersonate leading roles because of his German slang. Still he couldn't complain about lacking engagements. Especially in the 30's and 40's there was a much demand for German figures - normally Nazis - in order to reflect the actual political situation. But also other roles were carried to the former silent movie star.

To his most popular movies of the 30's belong "Song of Soho" (30), the outstanding production "Freaks" (32) in the role of Hercules, "The Scotland Yard Mystery" (33), "I Spy" (34), "Murder at Monte Carlo" (34), "Fame" (36), "The Great Barrier" (37), "Confessions of a Nazy Spy" (39) and "Espionage Agent" (39).

He continued his career at the beginning of the 40's, often with small roles, among them "Zanzibar" (40), "The Mortal Storm" (40), "Seven Sinners" (40), "Escape" (40), "King of the Zombies" (41), "Underground" (41), "Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon" (42), Ernst Lubitsch's "To Be or Not to Be" (42) as adjudant Schultz, "Mission to Moscow" (43) and "A Royal Scandal" (45).

Shortly after the last mentioned movie Henry Victor died of a brain tumor.

Other movies with Henry Victor: 
Ora Pro Nobis (17) A Lass o' the Looms (19) Cuidado con los ladrones (19) The Call of the Sea (19) As God Made Her (20) John Heriot's Wife (20) Beyond the Dreams of Avarice (20) Sheer Bluff (21) The Old Wives' Tale (21) Diana of the Crossways (22) A Bill of Divorcement (22) Bentley's Consience (22) The Prodigal Son (23) The Scandal (23) Slaves of Destiny (24) The Sins Ye Do (24)  His Grace Gives Notice (24) Henry, King of Navarre (24) The Colleen Bawn (24) The White Monkey (25) A Romance of Mayfair (25) Fourth Commandment (26) Mulhall's Greatest Catch (26) The Beloved Rogue (27) Topsy and Eva (27) The Luck of the Navy (27) Tommy Atkins (28) The Guns of Loos (28) Down Channel (29) Diane (29) Are You There? (30) One Heavenly Night (31) Seas Beneath (31) Suicide Fleet (31) World and the Flesh (32) Luxury Liner (33) Tiger Bay (34) The Way of the Youth (34) Handle with Care (35) Can You Hear Me, Mother? (35) The Secret Voice (36) Conquest of the Air (36) Our Fighting Navy (37) Holiday's End (37) Fine Feathers (37) Hotel Imperial (39) Nurde Edith Cavell (39) Thunder Afloat (39) Pack Up Your Troubles (39) Nick Carter, Master Detective (39) Enemy Agent (40) Mystery Sea Raider (40) Charter Pilot (40) The Mad Doctor (41) All Through the Night (42) Blue, White and Perfect (42) Dangerously They Live (42) The Wife Takes a Flyer (42) Desperate Journey (42) Once Upon a Honeymoon (42) Underground Agent (42) They Got Me Covered (43) Nazty Nuisance (43) Above Suspision (43) Don Winslow of the Coast Guard (43) Betrayal from the East (45)