Estelle Taylor

1894 - 1958

The actress Estelle Taylor was born as Estelle Boylan. She began as a secretary and in the 20s she became a popular movie star.

Her success was not least based on her huge ambition and on a well business sense. At the age of 14 he got married with a wealthy man. When her career as model tookshape the marriage was divorced four years later. 
It followed appearances as a chorus girl on Broadway and she soon attracted attention by different producers. In 1919 she made her film debut in the movie "The Golden Shower" (19), it followed "The Revenge of Tarzan" (20) - with Gene Pollar as Tarzan. 

Estelle Taylor acted in the 20s as an exotic beauty in movies like "The Adventurer" (20), "The Lights of New York" (22), "Monte Cristo" (22), Cecil B. DeMille's "The Ten Commandments" (23), "Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall" (24), "The Alaskan" (24), "Don Juan" (26) and "Honor Bound" (28).

Estelle Taylor got married with heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey in 1925. The marriage was divorced in 1931 in full view of the public.

Although Estelle Taylor managed the transition to the talkies without any difficulties and got rewarding roles in movies like "Liliom" (30), "Cimarron" (30), "The Unholy Garden" (31) and "Call Her Savage" (32), she retired from the film business at the beginning of the 30s.

She made her comeback in 1945 for Jean Renoir's movie "The Southerner" (45), her last movie.

Other movies with Estelle Taylor:
While New York Sleeps (20) Blind Wives (20) The Tower of Jewels (20) Footfalls (21) A Fool There Was (22) Thorns and Orange Blossoms (22) Only a Shop Girl (22) California Romance (22) Bavu (23) Forgive and Forget (23) Desire (23) Tiger Love (24) Passion's Pathway (24) Playthings of Desire (24) Phantom Justice (24) Manhattan Madness (25) Wandering Footsteps (25) New York (27) The Whip Woman (28) Lady Raffles (28) The Singapore Mutiny (28) Pusher-in-the-Face (28) Where East Is East (29) Street Scene (31) The Western Limited (32)