Anne Shirley

1918 - 1993

The actress Anne Shirley was born as Dawn Evelyn Paris in New York City. She already began her career at the theater at the age of 14 months.
She made her film debut in "The Hidden Woman" (22) at the age of five and appeared with her pseudonym Dawn O'Day. She went by the this name till 1934.

Anne Shirley was engaged for many other movies as a child actor in the 20's, among them "The Spanish Dancer" (23), "Riders of the Purple Sage" (25), "Night Life" (27) and "Four Devils" (28).

In the 30's her parts became bigger and more demanding. To her early talkies belong "Liliom" (30), "Young America" (32), "School for Girls" (34) and "The Key" (34).
When she impersonated the title part of Anne Shirley in the movie "Anne of Green Gables" (34) she was so fascinated of the figure that she adopted a new pseudonym as Anne Shirley.
Grew up into a young woman she became prominent engaged in movies like "Steamboat 'Round the Bend" (35), "Make Way for a Lady" (36), "Stella Dallas" (37) - for which she was nominated for an Oscar - and "Condemned Women" (38).

She signed a contract with RKO in 1938 and acted successful in the movies "A Man to Remember" (38), "Vigil in the Night" (40), "Anne of Windy Poplars" (40), "The Devil and Daniel Webster" (41), "The Mayor fo 44th Street" (42) and "Murder, My Sweet" (44).

After that she got married with RKO producer Adrian Scott and retired from the film business.
Anne Shirley was married three times altogehter, first with actor John Payne, than with producer Adrian Scott and finally with writer Charles Lederer.
Her daughter Julie Payne became also an actress.

Other movies with Anne Shirley:
Moonshine Valley (22) The Rustle of Silk (23) The Man Who Fights Alone (24) The Fast Set (24) Alice's Egg Plant (25) The Callahans and the Murphys (27) Mother Knows Best (28) Sins of the Fathers (28) City Girl (30) Gun Smoke (31) Rich Man's Folly (31) Emma (32) So Big! (32) The Purchase Price (32) Three on a Match (32) Rasputin and the Empress (32) The Life of Jimmy Dolan (33) Picture Palace (33) This Side of Heaven (34) Finishing School (34) Private Lessons (34) Bachelor Bait (34) Chasing Yesterday (35) M'Liss (36) Chatterbox (36) Too Many Wives (37) Meet the Missus (37) Mother Carey's Chickens (38) Girls' School (38) Law of the Underworld (38) Career (39) Sorority Slaves (39) Boy Slaves (39) Saturday's Children (40) West Point Widow (41) Unexpected Uncle (41) Four Jacks and a Jill (42) The Powers Girl (42) Lady Bodyguard (43) Bombardier (43) Government Girl (43) Man from Frisco (44) Music in Manhattan (44)