Athene Seyler

1889 - 1990

The actress Athene Seyler came early in contact with the performing arts and already appeared as a child in front of the public.

She made her professional debut in 1909 at the Kingsway theater with the play "The Truants" and afterwards took part in countless British productions.

Her final breakthrough came in 1920 when she filled the audience with enthusiasm with plays like "Marriage a la mode" and "Love for Love". Besides classic plays she also took part in funny comedies which underpinned her comical talent.

She continued her stage career till 1966 before she retired from the footlights.

She made her film debut in 1921 with "The Adventures of Mr. Pickwick" (21), it followed the silent movie "This Freedom" (23).

After a longer interruption she made her first talky with "The Perfect Lady" (31) and became a demanded support actress in the next decades.
To her well-known movies of the 30's belong "Early to Bed" (33), "The Private Life of Don Juan" (34), "Scrooge" (35), "The Sky's the Limit" (38), "The Citadel" (38) and "The Saint in London" (39).

In the 40's to the 60's she took part in other popular movies like "Tilly of Bloomsbury" (40), "Nicholas Nickleby" (47), "Made in Heaven" (52), "The Beggar's Opera" (53), "Night of the Demon" (57), "Doctor at Large" (57), "How to Murder a Rich Uncle" (57), "Satan Never Sleeps" (62) and two episodes of the successful serial "The Avengers: Build a Better Mousetrap" (64) and "The Avengers: Man-Eater of Surrey Green" (65).

Athene Seyler died at the old age of 101 years.

Other movies with Athene Seyler: 
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