Stewart Rome

Foto: Albert Witzel (1879-1929)

1886 - 1965

The actor Stewart Rome began his extensive film career in 1914 where he appeared in the English silent movies "The Chimes" (14), "Justice" (14), "The Price of Fame" (14) and "The Great Poison Mystery" (14).

He became soon very popular and took part in many productions. To these movies belong "The White Hope" (15), "Spies" (15), "The Confession" (15), "Molly Bawn" (16), "The Marriage of William Ashe" (16), "The Cobweb" (17), "The Touch of a Child" (18) and "The Gentleman Rider" (19). Beside it he also wrote the script for the movies "The Shepherd of Souls" (15) and "Coward!" (15) in which he also impersonated a role.

In the 20's followed the height of his career, he acted in both Brithish and German productions. To the German movies belong "Im Schatten der Moschee" (23), "Vater Voss" (25), "Die Insel der verbotenen Küsse" (26), "Colonialskandal" (27), "Die Frau ohne Namen" (27) and "Der rote Kreis" (29).
To his other highlights of the 20's belong "The Great Gay Road" (20), "Christie Johnstone" (21), "When Greek Meets Greek" (22), "The Desert Sheik" (24), "The Eleventh Commandment" (24), "The Passing of Mr. Quinn" (28) and "The Man Who Changes His Name" (28).

Stewart Rome was more and more engaged for character roles in the 30's which he played in an impressive way with his acting abilities.
To his well-known talkies belong "Deadlock" (31), "Reunion" (32), "Betrayal" (32), "Temptation" (34), "Designing Women" (34), "Men of Yesterday" (36) and "The Dance of Death" (38).

His last important movies came in the 40's into being, for example "Confidential Lady" (40), "Salute John Citizen" (42), "The White Unicorn" (47) and "My Sister and I" (48).
After the movie "Let's Have Murder" (50) he retired from the film business.

Other movies with Stewart Rome:
The Whirr of the Spinning Wheel (14) What the Firelight Showed (14) Thou Shalt Not Steal (14) The Heart of Midlothian (14) Sweet Lavender (15) Schoolgirl Rebels (15) One Good Turn (15) The Nightbirds of London (15) A Moment of Darkness (15) The Man with the Scar (15) A Lancashire Lass (15) Jill and the Old Fiddle (15) Her Boy (15) The Bottle (15) Be Sure Your Sins (15) Barnaby Rudge (15) As the Sun Went Down (15) Trelawny of the Wells (16) Sowing the Wind (16) Love in a Mist (16) Iris (16) The Grand Babylon Hotel (16) Face to Face (16) Comin' Thro the Rye (16) Annie Laurie (16) The Man Behind "The Times" (17) Her Marriage Lines (17) A Grain of Sand (17) The Eternal Triangle (17) The American Heiress (17) My Son, My Son (18) Snow in the Desert (19) A Great Coup (19) A Daughter of Eve (19) Her Son (20) The Romance of a Movie Star (20) The Case of Lady Camber (20) In Full Cry (21) The Penniless Millionaire (21) The Imperfect Lover (21) Her Penalty (21) Son of Kissing Cup (22) Dicky Monteith (22) The Woman Who Obeyed (23) The Uninvited Guest (23) The Prodigal Son (23) Fires of Fate (23) Ferragus (23) The Stirrup Cup Sensation (24) Reveille (24) Nets of Destiny (24) The Colleen Bawn (24) The Silver Treasure (26) Thou Fool (26) Liebe im Rausch (27) Somehow Good (27) The Ware Case (28) Zero (28) Dark Red Roses (29) The Price of Things (30) The Last Hour (30) Other People's Sins (31) The Kissing Cup Race (31) The Great Gay Road (31) Rynox (32) The Marriage Bond (32) Song of the Plougth (33) Lest We Forget (34) Important People (34) The Girl in the Flat (34) Debt of Honor (36) The Squeaker (37) Wings of the Morning (37) Dinner at the Ritz (37) Shadowed Eyes (40) Banana Ridge (42) One of Our Aircraft Is Missing (42) The World Owes Me a Living (44) Jassy (47) Root of All evil (47) Woman Hater (49)