Charles "Buddy" Rogers

1904 - 1999

The actor Charles "Buddy" Rogers began his film career at the end of the silent movie era. He signed a contract with Paramount in 1926. To his first movies belong "Fascinating Youth" (26), "So's Your Old Man" (26) at W.C. Field's side, "Get Your Man" (27) with Clara Bow and finally "Wings" (27) - an award-winning movie which was at the same time the height of Charles Buddy Rogers' career. 

When he played in the movie "My Best Man" (27) besides Mary Pickford, it was the beginning of a great love between them which led to a marriage in 1936. The marriage lasted till to the death of Mary Pickford in 1979.

In the sound film era followed many musicals and comedies in which the vigorous and well-dresses actor entertained the audience with the movies "Close Harmony" (29), "Follow Thru" (30), "The Road to Reno" (31), "This Reckless Age" (32), "Take a Chance" (33), "Old Man Rhythm" (35) and "This Way Please" (37).

In the 40's followed only a few appearances, among them in "Golden "Hoofs" (41), "An Innocent Affair" (48) and three movies an Lupe Velez's side for the "Mexican Spitfire" serial. Afterwards he wasn't employed for the cinema for the next ten years but he devoted to the theater and television. 
Only in 1957 he had a comeback on the screen with a small role in the movie "The Parson and the Outlaw" (57).

Other movies with Charles "Buddy" Rogers: 
More Pay - Less Work (26) Varsity (28) Someone to Love (28) Red Lips (28) Abie's Irish Rose (29) River of Romance (29) Illusion (29) Halfway to Heaven (29) Young Eagles (30) Safety in Numbers (30) Heads Up (30) Along Came Youth (30) Outside the Law (30) The Slippery Pearls (31) The Lawyer's Secret (31) Working Girls (31) New Deal Rhythm (32) Best of Enemies (33) Pirate Party on Catalina Isle (35) Weekend Millionaire (35) Dance Band (35) Once in a Million (36) Let's Make a Night of It (37) Polo with the Stars (41) Mexican Spitfire's Baby (41) Sing for Your Supper (41) Mexican Spitfire Sees a Ghost (42) Mexican Spitfire at Sea (42) Serie "Cavalcade of Bands" (51)

Little Iodine (46) Adventures of Don Coyote (47) Stork Bites Man (47) The Parson and the Outlaw (57) Hot Rod Gang (58) High School Hellcats