May Robson

1858 - 1942

The actress May Robson was born as Mary Jeanette Robison in Melbourne. She was a very popular character actress who often impersonated likeable roles but was also convincing as a stuck-up and tyrannical matron.

Before May Robson launched a career as an actress she was educated in Brussels, Paris and London. At the age of 22 she already married but her husband died only three years later and left her with three children.
In order to earn the living she worked as a tailor and jewels designer, an activity which brought her into contact with the theater.
There she got the chance to be active as an actress. In the following years she became an esteemed interpreter, at a time when the film industry didn't exist at all.

May Robson made her film debut with "A Night Out" (15), but only at the end of the 20's she appeared regular in movies.
To her other silent movies belong "Pals in Paradise" (26), "The King of Kings" (27), "Chicago" (27) and "The Blue Danube" (28).

She experienced her great breakthrough in the 30's. She became established as a character actress in well-known movies like "Red-Headed Woman" (32), "Little Orphan Annie" (32), "If I Had a Million" (32), "Lady for a Day" (33) - for which she was nominated for an Oscar as Best Actress - "Alice in Wonderland" (33), "Mills of the Gods" (35), "Anna Karenina" (35) with Greta Garbo, "A Star Is Born" (37), the wonderful comedy "Bringing Up Baby" (38) with Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn and "Four Wives" (39).

May Robson was able to work till to her death. To her last productions belong "That's Right - You're Wrong" (39), "Irene" (40), "Million Dollar Baby" (41) and "Joan of Paris" (42).

Other movies with May Robson:
Pals in Paris (26) Rubber Tires (27) The Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary (27) The Angel of Broadway (27) A Harp in Hock (27) Turkish Delight (27) The She-Wolf (31) Letty Lynton (32) Strange Interlude (32) Men Must Fight (33) The White Sister (33) Reunion in Vienna (33) Dinner at Eight (33) One Man's Journey (33) Beauty for Sale (33) The Solitaire Man (33) Broadway to Hollywood (33) Dancing Lady (33) You Can't Buy Everything (34) Straight Is the Way (34) Lady by Choice (34) Grand Old Girl (35) Vanessa: Her Love Story (35) Strangers All (35) Reckless (35) Age of Indiscretion (35) Three Kids and a Queen (35) Wife vs. Secretary (36) The Captain's Kid (36) Rainbow on the River (36) Woman in Distress (37) The Perfect Specimen (37) The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (38) The Texans (38) Four Daughters (38) They Made Me a Criminal (39) Yes, My Darling Daughter (39) The Kid From Kokomo (39) Daughters Courageous (39) Nurse Edith Cavell (39) Granny Get Your Gun (40) The Texas Rangers Ride Again (40) Four Mothers (41) Playmates (41)