Laura La Plante

Photo: Jack Freulich (1880-1936)

1904 - 1996

The actress Laura La Plante began her film career at the age of 15 with the movie "The Great Gamble" (19). At the beginning of the 20'0s followed the movies "Big Town Ideas" (21), "Play Square" (21), "Big Town Round-up" (21) with Tom Mix, "Old Dynamite" (21), "Brand of Courage" (21), "Easy to Cop" (22), "Desperation" (22) and "Dead Game" (23).

Laura La Plante became a demanded leading actress at Universal from 1923 and she could prove her talent in dramas and comedies. Her well-known silent movies are "Crooked Alley" (23), "Sporting Youth" (24), "The Dangerous Blonde" (24), "Smouldering Fires" (25), "Skinner's Dress Suit" (26), "The Cat and the Canary" (27) and "Finders Keepers" (28).

She only took part in few more movies in the sound film era like "Show Boat" (29), "Lonely Wives" (31), "The Sea Ghost" (31), "The Girl in Possession" (34) and "Man of the Moment" (35) - most of these talkies were shot in England when she took up residence in London with her second husband Irving Asher.

After that she disappeared from the screen for eleven years and returned in 1946 with the movie "Little Mister Jim", it took again eleven years till she appeared in her last movie "Spring Reunion" (57).

Laura La Plante was married in first marriage with director William A. Seiter.

Other movies with Laura La Plante:
813 (20) The Old Swimmin' Hole (21) Should Husbands Do Housework? (21) The Alarm (21) Jiggs In Society (21) Jiggs and the Social Lion (21) His Four Feathers (21) Father's Close Shave (21) Back From the Front (21) A Bottle Baby (22) Matching Wits (22) The Call of Courage (22) A Treacherous Rival (22) Society Sailors (22) Taking Things Easy (22) The Wall Flower (22) The Trail of the Wolf (22) Perils of the Yukon (22) Fighting Back (22) The Deputy's Double Cross (22) The Big Ranger (22) Burning Words (23) Shootin' for Love (23) Out of Luck (23) The Ramblin' Kid (23) The Thrill Chaser (23) Around the World in Eighteen Days (23) Ride for Your Life (24) Excitement (24) Young Ideas (24) Butterfly (24) The Fast Worker (24) The Fatal Plunge (24) Dangerous Innocence (25) The Teaser (25) The Beautiful Cheat (26) The Midnight Sun (26) Poker Faces (26) Her Big Night (26) Butterflies in the Raini (26) The Love Thrill (27) Beware of Widows (27) Silk Stockings (27) Thanks for the Buggy Ride (28) Home, James (28) The Last Warning (29) Scandal (29) The Love Trap (29) Hold Your Man (29) The King of Jazz (30) Captain of the Guard (30) Meet the Wife (31) God's Gift to Women (31) Men Are Like That (31) Stout Hearts and Willing Hands (32) Lost in Limehouse (33) Her Imaginary Lover (33) The Church Mouse (34) Widow's Might (34)