Walter Pidgeon

1897 - 1984

The actor Walter Pidgeon attended the New England Conservatory for Music in Boston before he turned to the theater. There he took successfully part with his baritone voice in different musicals.

Finally he was engaged to Hollywood where he appeared in a whole string of silent movies but he never had a breakthrough to a great star. To his well-known movies of the 20's belong "Mannequin" (25), "The Outsider" (26), "The Thirteenth Juror" (27), "The Gorilla" (27), "Turn Back the Hours" (28) and "Gateway to the Moon" (28).

Although Walter Pidgeon had a trained voice he was also only engaged for support roles in the talkies. He took part in "Bride of the Regiment" (30), "Going Wild" (30), "Kiss Me Again" (31), "Rockabye" (32), "The Kiss Before the Mirror" (33), "Fatal Lady" (36) and "A Girl With Ideas" (37). After that he moved to MGM and continued his career with the movies "Saratoga" (37), "Man-Proof" (38), "Too Hot to Handle" (38) and "Stronger Than Desire" (39).

When Walter Pidgeon was lend out to Fox he became rewarding roles like in John Ford's "How Green Was My Valley" (41) and Fritz Lang's "Man-Hunt" (41).
Now also followed better offers from MGM and he was convincing in "Blossoms in the Dust" (41) and "Mrs. Miniver" (42), for which he was nominated for an Oscar. He played in both movies with the actress Greer Garson and they worked together in some more movies in the next years like "Madame Curie" (43), for which he was also nominated for an Oscar, "Mrs. Parkington" (44), "Julia Misbehaves" (48), "That Forsyte Woman" (49), "The Miniver Story" (50) and "Scandal at Scourie" (53).

He continued his career successfully till to the 70's and impresssed in the science fiction classic "Forbidden Planet" (56) as well as in the movies "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" (61), "Big Red" (62), "Warning Shot" (67), "Funny Girl" (68), "The Mask of Sheba" (70), "The Neptune Factor" (76) and "Two Minute Warning" (76).

Other movies with Walter Pidgeon: 
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