George O'Brien

Photo: Albert Witzel (1879-1929)

1900 - 1985

The actor George O'Brien went in for active sport during his college time and he was light-heavyweight box champion of the US Navy Pacific Fleet in World War I.

He went to Hollywood at the beginning of the 20's where he worked as a stuntman and part-time actor for time being. To his first movies belong "White Hands" (22), "Woman-Proof" (23) and "The Man Who Came Back" (24).

When director John Ford engaged the unknown actor George O'Brien for his movie "The Iron Horse" (24), their cooperation led to four more movies. 
The name recognition of George O'Brien increased with these movies huge and he acted successful in "The Blue Eagle" (26), "The Romantic Age" (27) and finally in F.W. Murnau's "Sunrise" (27).

When the talkies replaced the silent movies the image of the formerly classic star actor changes to an actor in B-Western. His popularity faded slowly but he still was able to continue his career in the 30's with movies like "Noah's Ark" (29), "The Lone Star Ranger" (30), "Riders of the Purple Sage" (31), "Mystery Ranch" (32), "Ever Since Eve" (34), "Daniel Boone" (36), "Windjammer" (37), "Painted Desert" (38) and "Trouble in Sundown" (39).

George O'Brien took only part in few movies in 1940, so in "Legion of the Lawless" (40) and "Triple Justice" (40) before he volunteered for the Navy - a function he already performed during World War I - and was assigned to the Pacific. After the war he hardly found work in the film business, only John Ford engaged him in three more movies - "Fort Apache" (48), "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon" (49) and "Cheyenne Autumn" (64).

George O'Brien was married with the actress Marguerite Churchill.

Other movies with George O'Brien: 
The Ne'er-D-Well (23) The Painted Lady (24) The Roughneck (24) Shadows of Paris (24) The Dancers (25) Havoc (25) The Fighting Heart (25) Thank You (25) The Johnstown Flood (26) Rustling for Cupid (26) 3 Bad Men (26) Fig Leaves (26) The Silver Treasure (26) Is Zat So? (27) Paid to Love (27) East Side, West Side (27) Sharp Shooters (28) Honor Bound (28) Blindfold (28) True Heaven (29) Masked Emotions (29) Salute (29) Rough Romance (30) The Last of the Duanes (30) Seas Beneath (31) Fair Warning (31) A Holy Terror (31) The Rainbow Trail (32) The Gay Caballero (32) The Golden West (32) Robbers' Roost (32) Smoke Lightning (33) Life in the Raw (33) The Last Trail (33) Frontier Marshal (34) The Dude Ranger (34) When a Man's a Man (35) Cowboy Millionaire (35) Whispering Smith Speaks (35) Hard Rock Harrigan (35) Thunder Mountain (35) O'Malley of the Mounted (36) The Border Patrolman (36) Park Avenue Logger (37) Hollywood Cowboy (37) Gun Law (38) Border G-Men (38) The Renegade Ranger (38) Lawless Valley (38) Arizona Legion (39) Racketeers of the Range (39) Timber Stampede (39) The Fighting Gringo (39) The Marshal of Mesa City (39) Bullet Code (40) Prairie Law (40) Stage to Chino (40) My Wild Irish Rose (47) Gold Raiders (51) Serie "Studio 57: Typhoon" (57)