Guy Newall

1885 - 1937

The actor Guy Newall made his first acting experiences as a pantomime on the stage, it followed appearances at the theater where he impersonated funny characters. He also wrote one-act plays and sketches.

He gained a foothold in the film business in 1915 and he played in the productions "The Heart of Sister Ann" (15), "Mother Love" (16), "Esther" (16) and "Driven" (16).
Finally it followed a longer interruption in his artistic career when he volunteered by the Royal Garrison Artilley during World War I. There he met he well-known photographer George Clark with whom he founded the Lucky Cat Films after the war.
George Clark took over the role of a business manager and Guy Newall was responsible as art director. He also impersonated the leading roles in their movies.
The actress Ivy Duke normally played the female leading role and they got married in 1922.

To Guy Newall's well-known movies of those years belong "The Garden of Resurrection" (19), "Comradeship" (19), "Duke's Son" (20) and "The Bigamist" (20).
Guy Newall was not only active as an actor at this time but also wrote scripts and directed movies.

His first movie as a director was "Testimony" (20), it followed "The Persistent Lovers" (22), "Fox Farm" (22), "Beauty and the Beast" (22) and "The Starlit Garden" (23).

In the second part of the 20's his cinematical activity diminished a little bit, as an actor he took part in the movies "What the Butler Saw" (24), "Der Geisterzug" (27) and "Haus Nummer 17" (28).

After the divorce from Ivy Duke in 1929 he continued his career as an actor, director and writer in the talkies of the 30's.
To his movies as an actor belong "The Road to Fortune" (30), "The Eternal Feminine" (31), "The Marriage Bond" (32) and "Grand Finale" (36).

Guy Newall was married in third marriage with the actress Dorothy Batley.

Other movies with Guy Newall: 
Vice Versa (16) Money for Nothing (16) Smith (17) I Will (19) Fancy Dress (19) The Lure of Crooning Water (20) The Persistent Lovers (22) Boy Woodburn (22) Fox Farm (22) Beauty and tehe Beast (22) The Starliut Garden (23) Potiphar's Wife (31) Merry Comes to Town (37)

Money for Nothing (16) The March Hare (19) The Garden of Resurrection (19) Testimony (20) The Mirage (20) The Lure of Crooning Water (20) Duke's Son (20) The Bigamist (21) The Persistent Lovers (22) Fox Farm (22) Boy Woodburn (22) Beauty and the Beast (22) The Starlit Garden (23) Chin Chin Chinaman (31) The Other Mrs. Phipps (32)

The Bigamist (21) Boy Woodburn (22) The Rosary (31) The Chinese Puzzle (32) The Admiral's Secret (34)

Fancy Cress (19)