James Neill

1860 - 1931


The actor James Neill had already a well reputation as a stage actor, both as an actor and director, when he conquered the film business in the early 10's.

He made his first movies for the Jesse J. Lasky Company which marked the prelude to a very busy film career.

To his first movies belong "The Heart of a Cracksman" (13), "The Lie" (14), "Richelieu" (14), "Ready Money" (14), "The Circus Man" (14), "The Warrens of Virginia" (15), "The Woman" (15) and "The Explorer" (15).

In the second half of the 10's whe was still a much demanden actor who often impersonated bigger support roles.
To these productions belong "Maria Rosa" (16), "Oliver Twist" (16), "The Black Wolf" (17),"Forbidden Paths" (17), "Ghost House" (17), "Sandy" (18), "Too Many Millions" (18), "The Secret Garden" (19) and "Everywoman" (19).

His last big productions came in the 20's into being where he took part in movies like "A Voice in the Dark" (21), "Saturday Night" (22), "Dusk to Dawn" (22), "Manslaughter" (22), "Scars of Jealousy" (23), "The Ten Commandments" (23), "The Crimson Runner" (25), "The King of Kings" (27) and "The Idle Rich" (29) agierte.

He only appeared in few talkies of the 30's like "Only the Brave" (30) and "Man to Man" (30) before he died in 1931.

James Neill was married with the actress Edythe Chapman.

Other movies with James Neill: 
The Cracksman's Reformation (13) The Doctor's Orders (13) Cross Purposes (13) Red Margaret, Moonshiner (13) Bloodhounds of the North (13) Whose Diggeth a Pit (14) Just Mother (14) The Honor of the Mounted (14) Discord and Harmony (14) The Man on the Box (14) Where the Trail Divides (14) The Man from Home (14) Cameo Kirby (14) Rose of the Rancho (14) The Goose Girl (15) After Five (15) The Governor's Lady (15) The Case of Becky (15) The Cheat (15) Mr. Grey of Monte Carlo (15) The Ragamuffin (16) Tennessee's Pardner (16) To Have and to Hold (16) For the Devense (16) Sweet Kitty Bellairs (16) The Thousand-Dolar Husband (16) A Gutter Magdalene (16) The Dream Girl (16) The House with the Golden Windows (16) The Lash (16) Betty to the Rescue (17) Joan the Woman (17) Those Without Sin (17) The Prison Without Walls (17) The Bottle Imp (17) A School for Husbands (17) The Girl at Home (17) What Money Cn't Buy (17) The Little American (17) On the Level (17) The Trouble Buster (17) The Devil-Stone (17) Jules of the Strong Heart (18) The Widow's Might (18) A Petticoat Pilot (18) The Whispering Chorus (18) Say! Young Fellow (18) We Can't Have Everything (18) Less Than Kin (18) The Girl who Came Back (18) Women's Weapons (18) The Way of a Man with a Maid (18) Petg o' My Heart (19) Fires of Faith (19) Don't Change Your Husband (19) Romande and Arabella (19) Men, Women, and Money (19) A Daughter of the Wolf (19) Her Kingdom of Dreams (19) His Official Fiancée (19) The Paliser Case (20) A Double-Dyed Deceiver (20) The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come (20) Stop Thief (20) Bits of Life (21) Dangerous Curve Ahead (21) The Heart Specialist (22) Her Husband's Trademark (22) Our Leading Citizen (22) Nobody's Money (23) The World's Applause (23) The Lonely Road (23) Salomy Jane (23) The Thrill Chaser (23) A Man's Mate (24) Any Woman (25) Thank You (25) New Brooms (25) A Desperate Moment (26) Love Hungry (28) Three-Ring Marriage (28) The Border Patrol (28) Shooting Straight (30)

The Passerby (13) The Doctor's Orders (13) Where the Trail Divides (14) The Clue (15)