Owen Nares

1888 - 1943

The actor Owen Nares got acting lessons by Rosina Filippi and he made his stage debut in 1909 at the Haymarket theater.
There he conquered the female audience and became a star.
His delicate health strenghtened the touch of romanticisim which surrounded him.

It didn't last long when Owen Nares was able to gain a foothold in the film business too. He made his film debut with "Danny Donovan, the Gentleman Cracksman" (14), it followed other productions liked "The Real Thing at Last" (16), "Milestones" (16), "Flames" (17), "The Elder Miss Blossom" (18) and "Gamblers All" (19).

Owen Nares became an idol of the female audience in the 20's latest.
Despite his enormous popularity he had at the theater he was also able to continue his film career successfully in the 20's.
He was convincing in "A Temporary Gentleman" (20), "The Faithful Heart" (22), "Miriam Rozella" (24), "The Sorrows of Satan" (26) and "The Sentence of Death" (27).

With the rise of the talkies it disclosed a new style to him to act with his voice too in front of the camera. He took part in "Loose Ends" (30), "The Woman Between" (31), "There Goes the Bride" (32), "Discord" (33), "The Private Life of Don Juan" (34) and "The Show Goes On" (37).

His last cinematical work was "The Prime Minister" (41).

Owen Nares was married with the actress Marie Pollini. Besides his acting career he published a book with the title "Myself, and Some Others" (25).

During tour through Wales he visited the birthplace of Sarah Siddons. There he had a heart-attack and died a half our later at the age 55.

Other movies with Owen Nares:
Just a Girl (16) The Sorrows of Satan (17) One Summer's Day (17) The Labour Leader (17) The Man Who Won (18) Tinker, Tailer, Soldier, Sailor (18) Onward Christian Soldiers (18) God Blesss Our Red, White and Blue (18) Edge o' Beyond (19) The Last Rose of Summer (20) All the Winners (20) For Her Father's Sake (21) Brown Sugar (22) The Indian Love Lyrics (23) Young Lochinvar (24) The Marriage Business (27) The Middle Watch (30) Sunshine Susie (31) Aren't We All? (32) Where Is the Lady? (32) The Love Contract (32) The Impassive Footman (32) Frail Women (32) One Precious Year (33) Royal Cavalcade (35) I Give My Heart (35) Head Office (36)