Colleen Moore

1900 - 1988

The actress Colleen Moore was born as Kathleen Morrison in Port Huron, Michigan. She was already crazy about acting as a child. When her uncle Walter Howey - who worked as a editor of the "Chicago Tribune" and supported D.W. Griffith for his movies "Intolerance" and "The Birth of a Nation" - made use of his connection and asked Griffith if he would agree to give Colleen Moore a jump-start in the film business. This led to five movies in 1917, among them her film debut in "The Savage" (17) and "The Bad Boy" (17). It followed other small roles in movies like "Hands Up!" (17), "The Little American" (17), "Little Orphant Annie" (18) and "A Roman Scandal" (19).

At the beginning of the 20's her career was emerging more clearly, she was brought into play for roles of unbundled energy like in "Flaming Youth" (24) and "The Perfect Flapper" (24) and she became an idol for the youth. The girls of the USA wanted all the same haircut like Colleen Moore.
She cemented her fame with bigger parts in "So Big" (24), "Painted People" (24), "Sally" (25), "Irene" (26) and "Ella Cinders" (26). She was arisen to a star with these movies long since, when she appeared in her last great silent movies "Twinkletoes" (26), "Naughty But Nice" (27), "Orchids and Ermine" (27), "Lilac Time" (28) and "Smiling Irish Eyes" (29).

With the arise of the talkies she retired from the film business and only returned on the big screen in 1933 with "The Power and the Glory" as partner of Spencer Tracy. Unfortunately the movie wasn't very successful and wasn't a help for her hope for a comeback.
It's true she was able to act in the movies "The Social Register" (34), "Success at Any Price" (34) and "The Scarlet Letter" (34), but the moving up competition was too big.

Colleen Moore developed other interests and invested among others her money into the stock market very successful. She even wrote a book with the title "How Women Can Make Money in the Stock Market."

Her autobiography "Silent Star" came out in 1968, later she talked willingly about her career in different TV shows and appeared together with director King Vidor as guests of honour at different film festivals.

Other movies with Colleen Moore:
The Prince of Graustark (16) An Old Fasioned Young Man (17) A Hoosier Romance (18) The Busher (19) The Man in the Moonlight (19) The Egg Crate Wallop (19) Common Property (19) The Wilderness Trail (19) The Devil's Claim (20) So Long Letty (20) Dinty (20) When Dawn Came (20) Her Bridal Night-Mare (20) The Cyclone (20) The Sky Pilot (21) His Nibs (21) The Lotus Eater (21) Come On Over (22) Affinities (22) Forsaking All Others (22) Broken Chains (22) The Ninety and Nine (22) The Wall Flower (22) Look Your Best (23) The 9th Commandment (23) Slippy McGee (23) The Untress (23) April Showers (23) Broken Hearts of Broadway (23) Through the Dark (24) Flirting with Love (24) The Desert Flower (25) We Moderns (25) It Must Be Love (26) Her Wild Oat (27) Happiness Ahead (28) Oh Kay! (28) Synthetic Sin (29) Why Be Good? (29) Footlights and Fools (29)