Belle Mitchell

Belle Mitchell

1889 - 1979

The actress Belle Mitchell began her film career in 1915 and became already a demanded actress in her first year.
She took part at the then very popular Gilbert M. Anderson's side in his movies "Broncho Billy's Surrender" (15), "Broncho Billy Steps In" (15) and "Broncho Billy's Marriage" (15). But the dark-eyed actress also acted in other movies like "His Regeneration" (15), "When Snakeville Struck Oil" (15) and "The Merry Models" (15).

Her popularity remained undiminished during the 10s and she took part in many other productions, among them a whole serial with the trio Harold Lloyd, Snub Pollard and Bebe Daniels as well as Stan Laurel. But she also played together with other great comedians, among them "The Man in Him" (16), "A Waiting Game" (16), "By the Sad Sea Waves" (17), "Bliss" (17), "Two Laughs" (17) with Ben Turpin, "All Aboard" (17), "Here Come the Girls" (18), "Kicked Out" (18), "No Place Like Jail" (18) with Stan Laurel, "Nothing But Trouble" (18) with Harold Lloyd und Snub Pollard, "Just Rambling Along" (18), again with Stan Laurel, "Going! Going! Gone!" (19) with Harold Lloyd und Snub Pollard, "Hustling for Health" (19) with Stan Laurel and "Hoot Mon!" (19) with Stan Laurel.

1920 followed the movie "An Eastern Westerner" (20) with Harold Lloyd, which was the last one for several years.

It lasted till 1928 before acted again in a movie - "Flying Romeos" (28) and afterwards four more years till she appeared in her first sound film "Symphony of Six Million" (32).

Belle Mitchell remained active as an actress till to the old age but since the 30s she only impersonated minor roles in sometimes very popular productions.

To these movies belong "Viva Villa!" (34), "San Francisco" (36), "Picadilly Jim" (36), "Madame X" (37), "Blockade" (38), "Road to Singapore" (40), "The Mark of Zorro" (40) Hitchcocks "Saboteur" (42), "Phantom of the Opera" (43), "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" (44), "Meet Me in St. Louis" (44), "House of Frankenstein" (44), "The Beast with Five Fingers" (46), "Desire Me" (47), "That Lady in Ermine" (48) and "Prejudice" (49).

Television became a more important from the 50s and besides her cinema movies she especially impersonated roles in single episodes of popular serials.

To her performances in the 50s and 60s belong "Mask of the Avenger" (51), an episode of the serial "Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok: Masked Riders" (51), "Thief of Damascus" (52), "Scared Stiff" (53), an episode of the serial "The Adventures of Kit Carson: Army Renegades" (53), "Tumbleweed" (53), "Phantom of the Rue Morgue" (54), "Hell on Frisco Bay" (55), "Lust for Life" (56), "The Return of Dracula" (58), "The Miracle" (59), an episode of the serial "Maverick: The Marquesse" (60), an episode of the serial "Mister Ed: Ed Visits a Gypsy" (64), an episode of the serial "Perry Mason: The Case of the Fatal Fortune" (65), an episode of the serial "Combat!: The Farmer" (65), "The War Lord" (65) and "Funny Girl" (68).

Belle Mitchell remained active in her last decade and appeared in "Airport" (70) with Burt Lancaster, Dean Martin, Jean Seberg and Jacqueline Bisset, "High Plains Drifter" (73) with Clint Eastwood and Geoffrey Lewis and finally "Soylent Green" (73) with Charlton Heston, Edward G. Robinson, Joseph Cotten and Chuck Connors.

Other movies with Belle Mitchell:
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