Harry McCoy

Picture Harry McCoy

1889 - 1937

The actor Harry McCoy belonged to the legendary Keystone Company and impersonated countless roles in comedies of Mack Sennett.

He already made his film debut in 1912 with movies like "Pants and Pansies" (12) and "Got a Match" (12), in the next years followed one movie after the other and Harry McCoy acted at the side of prospective stars like Fatty Roscoe Arbuckle and Charlie Chaplin.

He conquered the heart of the audience with movies like "A Tangled Affair" (13), "Billy Dodges Bills" (13), "He Would a Hunting Go" (13), "The Champion" (13) and a whole string around the characters of Mike and Jake (McCoy as Jake).

In 1914 followed several appearances in the Mabel Normand serial in which also Charlie Chaplin appeared as the tramp. To these productions belong "Mabel's Strange Predicament" (14), "Mabel at the Wheel" (14) and "Mabel's Married Life" (14). Other movies of those years were "A Race with Death" (14), "The Star Boarder" (14), "The Property Man" (14), "His New Profession" (14), "Gentlemen of Nerve" (14) and "Getting Acquainted" (14).

Till the end of the 10's followed other movies like "Caught in a Park" (15), "Crossed Love and Swords" (15), "For Better - For Worse" (15), "His Luckless Love" (15), "His Last Laugh" (16), "All at Sea" (17), "The Chicken Hunters" (19) and "The Garage" (19).

His engagements in movies diminished in the 20's and he concentrated to the writing of scripts from the middle of the 20's.
He remained true to his funny roles as an actor and took part in "A Close Shave" (20), "Obey the Law" (24), "Taxi! Taxi!" (24), "The Fatal Mistake" (24), "Sweetheart" (25), "Hearts of Men" (28) and "Whirls and Girls" (29).

With the rise of the talkies his career came soon to an end. He only appeared in the movies "The Trial of Vivienne Ware" (32), "Calm Yourself" (35) and "Woman Wanted" (35).

To the scripts he wrote belong the productions "Alice Be Good" (26), "A Blonde's Revenge" (26), "The Bull Fighter" (27), "The Chaser" (28), "The Big Palooka" (29), "Honeymoon Zeppelin" (30), "The College Vamp" (31), "Half Holiday" (31), "Alaska Love" (32), "I Surrender Dear" (34) and "Midnight Blunders" (36).

Other movies with Harry McCoy:
Lily's Lovers (12) The Grocery Clerk's Romance (12) The Engagement Ring (12) A Doctored Affair (13) Mike and Jake Go Fishing (13) A Wife Wanted (13) Hubby's Job (13) Mike and Jake Among the Cannibals (13) Mike and Jake at College (13) Mike and Jake at the Beach (13) Mike and Jake in the Wild, Wild West (13) Mike and Jake in the Oil Fields, or The Stinger Stung (13) Mike and Jake in Mexico (13) The Joy Riders (13) Mike and Jake as Heroes (13) For Art and Love (13) Mike and Jake as Pugilists (13) Mike and Jake in Society (13) Mike and Jake Live Close to Nature (14) The Mystery of a Taxicab (14) Mike and Jake Join the Army (14) Won in a Closet (14) A Film Johnnie (14) His Favorite Pastime (14) Mike and Jake Go in for Matrimony (14) Mike and Jake in the Clutch of Circumstances (14) Caught in a Cabaret (14) Mabel's Busy Day (14) Mabel's Married Life (14) The Face on the Bar Room Floor (14) The Masquerader (14) Those Love Pangs (14) Mabel's Blunder (14) Tillie's Punctured Romance (14) Fatty's Magic Pants (14) Hello, Mabel (14) The Cannon Ball (15) Ambrose's Lofty Perch (15) The Battle of Ambrose and Walnus (15) A Human Hound's Triumph (15) A Home Breaking Hound (15) A Village Scandal (15) Because He Loved Her (15) Saved by theWireless (15) Mabel and Fatty's Wash Day (15) A Movie Star (16) His Auto Ruination (16) Cinders of Love (16) Bubbles of Trouble (16) His One Night Stand (17) A Hoosier Romance (18) Fair Enough (18) Wild Wild Women (19) Clever Cubs (20) High & Dry (21) Circus Heroes (21) Keep Coming (24) Sons-In-Law (24) Hit Him Hard (24) Fearless Fools (24) Her City Sport (24) Lost Control (24) Eat and Run (24) Traffic Jams (24) Snappy Eyes (24) Some Tom Boy (24) Nobody's Sailing Along (25) Stick Around (25) Heads Up (25) Heir-Loons (25) Dashing Thru (26) A Little Bit of Fluff (28) The Bee's Buzz (29)

His One Night Stand (17)

His One Night Stand (17) When a Man's a Prince (26) The Divorce Dodger (26) Kitty from Killarney (26) The Jolly Jilter (27) A Dozen Socks (27) Crazy to Act (27) Catalina, Here I Come (27) Three's a Crowd (27) The Girl from Everywhere (27) The Beach Club (28) Run, Girl, Run (28) The Bicycle Flirt (28) Smith's Restaurant (28) His Unlucky Night (28) Catalina Rowboat Races (28) The Bride's Relations (29) Baby's Birthday (29) Whirls and Girls (29) Broadway Blues (29) The Bree's Buzz (29) A Close Shave (29) Jazz Mamas (29) The Constabule (29) The Lunkhead (29) Clancy at the Bat (29) He Trumped Her Ace (30) Johnny's Week End (30) Midnight Daddies (30) Won by a Neck (30) Our Nagging Wives (30) The Dog Doctor (31) The Cow-Catcher's Daughter (31) Ghost Parade (31) Hold 'er Sheriff (31) Movie Town (31) The Albany Bunch (31) Fainting Lover (31) The Pottsville Palooka (31) The All-American Kickback (31) Billboard Girl (32) The Flirty Sleepwalker (32) Listening In (32) The Giddy Age (32) Hypnotized (32)  Dream House (33) Counselon De Fence (34) One Too Many (34) Honeymoon Bridge (35)