Billy Mason

1887 - 1941

The actor Billy Mason had his first great successes already in the 10's and he took part in countles productions.

Before he startet his career as an actor he worked at revues and as a clown at the circus. When he was engaged by Pathé in 1912 this marked the beginning of a successful film career and he appeared in many short films at Beverly Bayne's and Gloria Swanson's side at the beginning.

To his first movies belong "Billy and the Butler" (12), "Hearts of Men" (12), "The Magic Wand" (12), "The Grassville Girls" (12), "Almost a Man" (12), "Lady Audley's Jewels" (13), "The Capture" (13) and "Hello, Trouble" (13).

His first feature movie came in 1914 into being with "A Prince of India". 
In the next years he acted in many other productions, among them "When Beauty Butts In" (15), "Cinders of Love" (16), "Baseball Bill" (16), "His Baby" (16), "A Dash of Courage" (16), "Almost Divorced" (17), "Thirty Days" (17), "Betty's Adventure" (18), "A Regular Patsy" (18), "A Taste of Life" (19) and "The Wolf" (19).

After the movie "It Might Happen to You" (20) he retired from the film business and worked at the Vaudeville.

Other movies with Billy Mason:
The Eye That Never Sleeps (12) Springing a Surprise (12) Pa Trubell's Troubles (12) Cupid's Quartette (12) An Adamless Eden (12) Three to One (12) A Corner in Whiskers (12) The Love Test (12) The Redemption of Slivers (12) The Snare (12) Miss Simkins' Summer Boarder (12) A Money? (12) Alimony (12) The Scheme (12) The Stain (12) The Heiress (13) The Laird of McGillicuddy (13) Don't Lie to Your Husband (13) Teaching Hickville to Sing (13) The Tale of a Clock (13) A Tango Tangle (13) The Same Old Story (13) The Value of Mothers-in-Law (13) Rescuing Dave (13) Phillip March's Engagement (13) Mr. Rhye Refors (13) Good Night, Nurse (13) The Hermit of Lonely Gulch (13) Love Incognito (13) Dad's Insanity (13) Smithy's Grandma Party (13) One-to-Three (14) Oh, Doctor (14) By Return Male (15) Bill's Plumber and Plumber's Bill (15) When Willlie Went Wild (15) Dizzy Heights and Daring Hearts (15) Baseball Bill – Flirting with Marriage (16) As the Candle Burned (16) A Charming Villain (16) The Right Direction (16) Billy the Bandit (16) The Black Nine (17) The Beauty Doctor (17) Baseball Madness (17) A Box of Tricks (17) A Soft Tenderfoot (17) Betty Makes Up (17) Their Seaside Tangle (17) Help! Help! Police! (17) Cupid's Camouflage (17) Whose Wife? (18) Circumstantial Evidence (18) Red Crossed (18) Their Breezy Affair (18) Her Slumbering Hero (18) Look Who's Here (18) Don't Believe Everything (18) Home Run Bill (19) Some Bride (19) Tailor Maid (19)