Dorothy Mackaill

1903 - 1990

The actress Dorothy Mackaill had soon the wish to become an actress. When her parents were separated she lived with her father, but the rebellious teenager run away from home to London from where she could convince her father to send her money for acting lessons.

She got her first job as a member of a dancing group, after that she went to Paris where she met a choreographer who offered her a job at the famous Ziegfeld Follies in New York.

Already in 1920 she took part in first silent movies like "Torchy's Millions" (30), "The Face at the Window" (20), "Isle of Doubt" (22), "The Streets of New York" (22), "The Fighting Blade" (23), "The Painted Lady" (24) and "The Next Corner" (24).
With her role in "The Man Who Came Back" (24) she managed the breakthrough and became a star. Other successful productions like "Chickie" (25), "Joanna" (25) and "The Dancer of Paris" (26) followed. To her well-known silent movies also belong "Just Another Blonde" (26), "Convoy" (27), "Man Crazy" (27) and "Waterfront" (28).

The arising sound movie didn't meant a handicap for her career. She already acted in 1928 in the movie "The Barker" which had partially involved sound, other movies are "The Great Divide" (29), "Man Trouble" (30), "Once a Sinner" (31) and "The Reckless Hour" (31).

When her contract with First National expired in 1931, Dorothy Mackaill tried to stay in the film business as a freelancer. She appeared in the following years in movies at Columbia, MGM and Paramount. To these movies belong "Love Affair" (32), "No Man of Her Own" (32), "The Chief" (33) and "The Cheaters" (34). Her last performance in a movie was in "Bulldog Drummond at Bay" (37).
She had a short comeback in 1953 with the TV episode "Studio One: The Magic Lantern" (53), it followed her last part in the serial "Hawaii Five-O: Target - A Cop" (76).

Other movies with Dorothy Mackaill:
Bits of Life (21) The Lotus Eater (21) A Woman's Woman (22) The Inner Man (22) Mighty Lak' a Rose (23) The Broken Violin (23) The Fair Cheat (23) His Children's Children (23) Twenty-One (23) What Shall I Do? (24) The Mine with the Iron Door (24) The Bridge of Sighs (25) One Year to Live (25) The Making of O'Malley (25) Shore Leave (25) Ranson's Folly (26) Subway Sadie (26) The Lunatic at Large (27) Smile, Brother, Smile (27) The Crystal Cup (27) Ladies' Night in a Turkish Bath (28) Lady Be Good (28) The Whip (28) His Captive Woman (29) Children of the Ritz (29) Two Weeks Off (29) Hard to Get (29) The Love Racket (29) Strictly Modern (30) The Flirting Widow (30) The Office Wife (30) Bright Lights (30) Kept Husbands (31) Party Husband (31) Their Mad Moment (31) Safe in Hell (31) Neighbors' Wives (33) Picture Brides (33) Curtain at Eight (34)