Bert Lytell

1885 - 1954

The actor Bert Lytell was a populer actor of the silent movie era whose career was nearly exclusively confined to the 10's and 20's.

He began his career with the movie "The Lone Wolf" (17), it followed "No Man's Land" (18), "Unexpected Places" (18), "The Spender" (19), "The Lion's Den" (19) and "Easy to Make Money" (19).

He cemented his reputation as a popular actor in over 30 movies in the 20's. To his well-known silent movies belong "The Misleading Lady" (20), "A Trip to Paradise" (21), "The Idle Rich" (21), "Sherlock Brown" (22), "The Meanest Man in the World" (23), "Born Rich" (24), "The Boomerang" (25), "Lady Windermere's Fan" (25), "The Lone Wolf Returns" (26) and "On Trial" (28).

His career as an actor was finished abruptly with the rise of the sound movies. He only took part in three movies in the 30's, in "The Last of the Lone Wolf" (30), "Brothers" (30) and "The Single Sin" (31). He also directed one movie in 1936 called "Along Came Love".

Not till the end of the 40's he appeared again as an actor for the TV serial "One Man's Family" (49).

Other movies with Bert Lytell: 
Empty Pockets (18) The Trail to Yesterday (18) Boston Blackie's Little Pal (18) Hitting the High Spots (18) Faith (19) Blind Man's Eyes (19) Blackie's Redemption (19) One-Thing-At-a-Time O'Day (19) Lombardi, Ltd (19) The Right of Way (20) The Price of Redemption (20) Alias Jimmy Valentine (20) A Message From Mars (21) The Man Who (21) Alias Ladyfingers (21) The Right That Failed (22) The Face Between (22) To Have and to Hold (22) Kick In (22) Rupert of Hentzau (23) The Eternal City (23) The Son of the Sahara (24) Sandra (24) The Boomerang (25) Steele of the Royal Mounted (25) Eve's Lover (25) Never the Twain Shall Meet (25) Sporting Life (25) Ship of Souls (25) The Gilded Butterfly (26) That Model from Paris (26) Obey the Law (26) The First Night (27) Alias the Lone Wolf (27) Woman's Wares (27) The Lone Wolf's Daughter (29) Serie "The Philco Television Playhouse: I Like It Here" (48) Serie "The Philco Television Playhouse: The Late Christopher Bean" (49)