Robert Loraine

Picture Robert Loraine

1876 - 1935


The actor Robert Loraine began his acting career by a touring company before he impersonated his first role at the London theater five years later.
His career was interrupted briefly when he joined the army in order to serve in the Boer war in South Africa. After his return he continued his stage career.

In 1909 he was taken by a second passion - to be a pilot. He soon tried to realize pioneering feats but went through some setbacks, but in 1910 he flew over the Irish sea on his way from England to Ireland first.
For his endeavours as a pilot he was awarded with the silver medal of the RAeC in the same year and was on of the first three pilots who had got this decoration.

During World War I he joined the air force where he was promoted to a major in the course of the war and he took over a group. He was wounded several time but recovered every time.

After the war he continued his acting career and he shone especially in the plays "Cyrano de Bergerac" and "Arms and the Man".

He made his film debut in 1922 with "Bentley's Conscience", it followed the silent movie "S.O.S." (28). In the 30's he appeared in few talkies like "Birds of Prey" (30), "Marie Galante" (34), "Outcast Lady" (34), "Limehouse Blues" (34) and "Father Brown, Detective" (34).

Robert Loraine was among others married with the actress Julie Opp.