Marie Lohr

Picture Marie Lohr

1890 - 1975

The actress Marie Lohr was born in Australia where she already appeared on stage at the age of three for "The World Against Her". When her family went to London in 1900 she made her stage debut in England one year later with "Shock Headed Peter". She had her breakthrough when she was engaged by George Bernard Shaw personally at the age of 18 for the role of Mrs. Reginald Bridgenorth in his play "Getting Married" at His Majesty's Theatre. After this success she joined Mr. Beerbohm Tree's company. It followed appearances in other plays written by Shaw and other performances.  

In the next years followed many other highlights, and together with her husband Anthony Prinsep she led the management of the Globe Theater from 1918 to 1927.  
Marie Lohr appeared only sporadically in movies for the time being, so in "The Real Thing at Last" (16) and "Victory and Peace" (18). Afterwards followed a longer interruption before she continued her film career in the 30's.  
From the 30's Marie Lohr was active on stage as well as in movies. On stage she was celebrated in plays like "The Breadwinner" (30), "Smith's Call it a Day" (35) and "Crest of the Wave" (37) while on the big screen she took part in the productions "Road House" (34), "Lady in Danger" (35), "Foreign Affaires" (35), "It's You I Want" (36), "Pygmalion" (38) and "A Gentleman's Gentleman" (39).  
She continued her career in the 40's and 50's and appeared in movies like "George and Margaret" (40), "Twilight Hour " (45), "The Ghosts of Berkeley Square" (47), "Anna Karenina" (48), "Always a Bride" (53), "On Such a Night" (56) and "Small Hotel" (57).  
After 72 years on stage she retired in 1966 with a performance in George Bernard Shaw's play "Mand and Superman" (66) and with rounded off an impressive theater career.  
Two years later came her last movie "Great Catherine" (68) with Peter O'Toole into being.  

Other movies with Marie Lohr:
Aren't We All? (32) Mon coeur t'appelle (34) Oh, Daddy! (35) Fighting Stock (35) Cock o' the North (35) Royal Cavalcade (35) Reasonable Doubt (36) Whom the Gods Love (36) Dreams Come True (36) South Riding (38)
Major Barbara (41) Went the Day Well? (42) Kiss the Bride Goodbye (45) The Rake's Progress (45) The Magic Bow (46) Silent Dust (48) Counterblast (48) The Winslow Boy (48) Little Big Shot (52) Escapade (55) Out of the Clouds (55) 
A Town Like Alice (56) Seven Waves away (57) Carlton-Browne of the F.O. (59)