Ian Hunter

1900 - 1975

The actor Ian Hunter went to England with his parents when he was a teenager. There he first joined the army in 1917 and served in France.

After World War I he made his stage debut in 1919, five years later followed his first appearance in front of the came and he became a busy actor, especially in the 30's.

To his silent movies belong "Not for Sale" (24), "Confessions" (25), "The Ring" (27), "Downhill" (27) and "The Physician" (28).

He became established as a leading actor in the 30's and was convincing in productions like "Sally in Our Alley" (31), "Marry Me" (32), "The Sign of Four" (32) and "Orders Is Orders" (33).

1934 he went to Hollywood where he continued his career successfully.
To his well-known movies of the next years belong "No Escape" (34) "The Girl from 100th Avenue" (35), "The Phantom Light" (35), "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (35), "The White Angel" (36), "Confession" (37), "52nd Street" (37), "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (38), "Comet Over Broadway" (38), "The Little Princess" (39) and "Tarzan Finds a Son!" (39).

After movies like "The Long Voyage Home" (40), "Ziegfeld Girl" (41), "Billy the Kid" (41) and "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyd" (41) he returned to London for war service in 1942.

After the war he continued to appear in British plays and movies.

To his popular movies till the 60's belong "Bedelia" (46), "The White Unicorn" (47), "White Cradle Inn" (47), "Appointment in London" (52), "The Door in the Wall" (56), "North West Frontier" (59), "The Treasure of Monte Cristo" (61), "Guns of Darkness" (62) and "Il mistero del tempio indiano" (63).

Other movies with Ian Hunter:
A Girl of London (25) Valley of the Ghosts (28) His House in order (28) The Thoroughbred (28) Easy Virtue (28) Syncopation (29) Escape (30) Cape Forlorn (31) The Water Gipsies (32) The Man from Toronto (33) Skipper of the Osprey (33) Death at Broadcasting House (34) The Silver Spoon (34) Something Always Happens (34) The Church Mouse (34) The Morals of Marcus (35) Lazybones (35) The Night of the Party (35) Jalna (35) I Found Stella Parish (35) To Mary – with Love (36) The Devil Is a Sissy (36) Stolen Holiday (37) Call It a Day (37) Another Dawn (37) That Certain Woman (37) Secrets of an Actress (38) Always Goodbye (38) The Sisters (38) Yes, My Darling Daughter (39) Broadway Serenade (39) Maisie (39) Bad Little Angel (39) Tower of London (39) Broadway Melody of 1940 (40) Strange Cargo (40) Dulcy (40) Bitter Sweet (40) Gallant Sons (40) Come Live with Me (41) Andy Hardy's Private Secretary (41) Smilin' Through (41) A Yank at Eton (42) Forever and a Day (43) It Comes Up Love (43) Edward, My Son (49) Eight O'Clock Walk (52) It Started in Paradise (52) Fire One (54) Don't Blame the Stork (54) Serie "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (55) Serie "Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Presents: Sound of Your Voice" (55) Serie "Douglas Fairbanks, jr., Presents: A Train to the Sea" (56) The Battle of the River Plate (56) Rockets Galore! (57) Fortune Is a Woman (57) Doomsday for Dyson (58) The Bulldog Breed (60) Serie "The Four Just men: Money to Burn" (60) Dr. Blood's Coffin (61) The Queen's Guards (61) Serie "Somerset Maugham Hour: The Closed Shop" (62) Kaly Yug, la dea della vendetta (63)