Lloyd Hughes

1897 - 1958

The actor Lloyd Hughes belonged to the popular actors from the end of the 10's who especially appeared in many successful movies in the 20's. With the actresses Mary Astor (eight Filme) and Colleen Moore (five Filme) he found ideal film partners.

To his first movies belong "Impossible Susan" (18), "Satan Junior" (19), "The Virtuous Thief" (19), "Beau Revel" (21) and "Tess of the Storm Country" (22). During the shooting of the last-mentioned movie he met the actress Gloria Hope and married her.

In the middle of the 20's followed the height of his career. He took part in the successful movies "The Sea Hawk" (24), "The Lost World" (25) - in which he already had to fight with dinosaurs before Steven Spielberg was born - "The Desert Flower" (25), "Ella Cinders" (26), "American Beauty" (27) and "Heart to Heart" (28).

He continued his career in the 30's with many movies and with "Moby Dick" (30) he was in the limelight for a short time again. The following movies couldn't go on from his earlier successes.
To his last movies belong "The Runaway Bride" (30), "Hell Bound" (31), "The Deceiver" (31), "Reckless Roads" (35), "Midnight Phantom" (35), "A Face in the Fog" (36), "Lovers and Luggers" (37) and "Romance of the Redwoods" (39).

Other movies with Lloyd Hughes: 
The Heart of Humanity (18) The Haunted Bedroom (19) The Turn in the Road (19) An Innocent Adventuress (19) Dangerous Hours (20) The False Road (20) Below the Surface (20) Homespun Folks (20) Mother o' Mine (21) Love Never Dies (21) Hail the Woman (21) Scars of Jealousy (23) Are You a Failure? (23) Children of the Dust (23) The Huntress (23) Her Reputation (23) The Old Fool (23) The Judgment of the Storm (24) The Heritage of the Desert (24) Untamed Youth (24) The Whipping Boss (24) Welcome Stranger (24) In Every Woman's Life (24) Declassée (25) If I Marry Again (25) Sally (25) The Half-Way Girl (25) The Dixie Handicap (25) Scarlet Saint (25) Irene (26) High Steppers (26) Pals First (26) Forever After (26) Valencia (26) Ladies at Play (26) An Affair of the Follies (27) Too Many Crooks (27) No Place to Go (27) Sailors' Wives (28) Three-Ring Marriage (28) Where East Is East (29) Acquitted (29) The Mysterious Island (29) Love Comes Along (30) Hello Sister (30) Sweethearts on Parade (30) Big Boy (30) Extravagance (30) Drums of Jeopardy (31) The Sky Raiders (31) Ships of Hate (31) Air Eagles (31) A Private Scandal (32) Heart Punch (32) The Miracle Man (32) Social Error (35) Honeymoon Limited (35) Society Fever (35) Skybound (35) Harmony Lane (35) Rip Roaring Riley (35) Ticket or Leave It (35) Night Cargo (36) The Little Red Schoolhouse (36) Kelly of the Secret Service (36) A Man Betrayed (36) Clipped Wings (37) Broken Melody (37) Numbered Woman (38) Blake of Scotland Yard (37) I Demand Payment (38)