Johnny Hines

1895 - 1970

The actor Johnny Hines already began his film career in the early 10's. Later he was dubbed as "Jack Lemmon of the silent movies".
To his first movies belong "Man of the Hour" (14), "Alias Jimmy Valentine" (15), "The Cub" (15), "The Gray Mask" (15), "Youth" (17), "The Golden Wall" (18) and "The Little Intruder" (19).

In the 20's he became a star with the figure "Torchy". He impersonated this figure in three movies called "Torchy" (20), "Torchy's Millions" (20) and "Torchy's Big Lead" (21).
Johnny Hines took part in a whole string of great movies in the following years. To his well-known productions belong "Little Johnny Jones" (23), "Conductor 1492" (24), "Stepping Along" (26), "Chinatown Charlie" (28) and "Alias Jimmy Valentine" (28).

His career came to an abrupt end with the talkies. He only played smaller parts, among others in "Don't Leave Home" (30), "Whistling in the Dark" (33) and "Too Hot to Handle" (38).
His last movie was "How to Hold Your Husband - Back" (41).

Besides his acting activity he also directed some movies and wrote scripts.

Other movies with Johnny Hines: 
Miser Murray's Wedding Present (14) The Wishing Ring: An Idyll of Old England (14) As Ye Sow (14) Lincoln, the Lover (14) Arrival of Perpetua (15) The Little Miss Brown (15) The Family Cupboard (15) A Butterfly on the Wheel (15) A Price for Folly (15) Pawn of Fate (16) The Weakness of Man (16) Miss Petticoats (16) All Man (16) The Brown Derby (16) Tillie Wakes Up (17) A Girl's Folly (17) The Dancer's Peril (17) Yankee Pluck (17) Man's Woman (17) The Studio Girl (18) Sunshine Nan (18) Neighbors (18) Merely Players (18) The Power and the Glory (18) Just Sylvia (18) What Love Forgives (19) Heart of Gold (19) Three Green Eyes (19) Eastward Ho! (19) Burn 'Em Up Barnes (21) Sure-Fire Flint (22) Luck (23) The Speed Spook (24) The Early Bird (25) The Crackerjack (25) The Live Wire (25) Rainbow Riley (26) The Brown Derby (26) All Aboard (27) White Pants Willie (27) Home Made (27) The Wright Idea (28) Johnny's Week End (30) The Runaround (31) The Girl in 419 (33) Her Bodyguard (33) Society Doctor (35) Rhythm Racketeer (37)

Burn 'Em Up Barnes (21) Little Johnny Jones (23) The Domineering Male (40) Spots Before Your Eyes (40) Social Sea Lions (40) How to Hold You Husband - Back (41)

Conductor 1492 (24) The Domineering Male (40) Spots Before Your Eyes (40) Social Sea Lions (40) How th Hold Your Husband - Back (41)