Jean Hersholt

Foto: Jack Freulich (1878-1936)

1886 - 1956

The Danish actor Jean Hersholt was a much occupied star in the USA. Especially during the silent movie era his name appeared in a whole string of movies.

His film career began with the Danish production "Konfirmanden" ini 1906, it followed the movie "Oplob pa Frederiksberg" (06). After that he didn't took part in other movies in Denmark.
When he emigrated to the USA in 1914 he began a second career as an actor. First he was an extra in the movie "The Disciple" (15), but soon followed bigger parts in early productions like "The Desert" (16), "Black Orchids" (17), "The Terror" (17), "The Show Down" (17), "Madame Spy" (18) and "In the Land of the Setting Sun" (19).

Jean Hersholt became one of the most working actors in the 20's. He proved his acting talent in movies like "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" (21) at Rudolph Valentino's side, "Tess of the Storm Country" (22), "Quicksands" (23), "Torment" (24), "Greed - Gier" (25), "Stella Dallas" (25), "Flames" (26), "The Student Prince of Old Heidelberg" (27) and "The Battle of the Sexes" (28) - often as a villain and warhorse.

Although Jean Hersholt had a Danish accent he was able to play many interesting roles in the talkies which underpinned his important state as a support actor. To his early successful talkies belong "The Climax" (30), "Susan Lenox - Her Fall and Raise" (31) - his first movie at Greta Garbo's side - "The Phantom of Paris" (31), "The Mask of Fu Manchu" (32), "Emma" (32) - at Marie Dressler's side - "Grand Hotel" (32) and "The Painted Veil" (34) - both again with Greta Garbo - "Reunion" (36), "Heidi" (37) and "Meet Dr. Christian" (39).

Apart from some more following movies of "Meet Dr. Christian", in which Jean Hersholt impersonated the leading role at a time, his cinematically career was drawing to its close at the beginning of the 40's.

Jean Hersholt was a very humanitarian minded person in his private life who supported civil services in his free time. Among others he was the president of the Motion Picture Relief Fund for 18 years which looked after retired actors.

He was knight in Denmark from the king but the greatest mark of distinction, which keeps his name alive till today, is the "Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award" - a Honorary Award, which is awarded sporadically during the Academy Award ceremony. Jean Hersholt also got two Oscars, one in 1940 and one in 1950.

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