Ehtel Grey Terry

1882 - 1931

The actress Ethel Grey Terry attended a training for art with water color and oil in her youth and had planned to enter a career as an artist.
But eventually she chose the same way like her mother who also was an actress. First Ethel Grey Terry began her artistic career as a dancer before appeared on Broaday and took part in plays like "The Lily" and "Search Me".

She made her film debut in 1914 where she first worked as an extra in "The Sign of the Cross" (14). But soon she got offered bigger parts and she appeared in a whole string of silent movies in which she played the leading role.

To her well-known movies of the 10's belong "Diana of the Farm" (15), "Intolerance" (16), "Arsene Lupin" (17), "The Hawk" (17), "Vengeance Is Mine" (17), "The Snail" (18) and "The Carter Case" (19).

In the 20's followed the height of her career. It followed engagements in movies like "The Penalty" (20), "Habit "(21), "The Breaking Point" (21), "The White Mouse" (21), "The Crossroads of New York" (22), "Under Two Flags" (22), "Peg o' My Heart" (22) and "Wild Bill Hickok" (23).

Afterwards her fame diminished slowly. At the age of over 40 she had to make room for new faces and she impersonated support roles in the next years.
To her last movies belong "Old Shoes" (25), "What Fools Men" (25), "Skinner's Big Idea" (28), "Modern Mothers" (28) and "Confessions of a Wife" (28).

After that she retired from the film business. She was married with the actor Carl Gerard. After an illness of one year Ethel Grey Terry died at the age of 49 years in 1931.D

Other movies with Ethel Grey Terry:
Bought (15) The Struggle (16) Apartment 29 (17) The Secret of the Storm Country (17) A Doll's House (18) Just for Tonight (18) Phil-for-Short (19) The Mystery of the Yellow Room (19) Going Some (20) Food for Scandal (20) A Thousand to One (20) The Northern Trail (21) Suspicious Wives (21) Shattered idols (22) Travelin' on (22) Too Much Business (22) The Kickback (22) Oath-Bound (22) Garrison's Finish (23) Brass (23) What Wives Want (23) The Self-Made Wife (23) Why Women Remarry (23) The Unknown Purple (23) The Fast Worker (24) The Love Toy (26) Hard Boiled (26) The Cancelled Debt (27) A Dumb Waiter (28) Sharp Tools (28) Object: Alimony (28)