Eve Gray

1900 - 1983

The actress Eve Gray was born as Fanny Evelyn Garrett in Handsworth, England. Her family emigrated to Australia in 1912. There she began her professional career as a photograpic model. Eve began her career on the stage as one of the "Ballet of Blondes" in a revue called "Town Topics" in Brisbane. In the next years followed other minor parts in a number of theater productions.
From 1923 she got bigger parts and she soon impersonated leading roles. When she returned to the country of her birth she continued successful her stage career in England.

In Europa she starred in a number of silent movies. Most notably in "Die Abenteuer GmbH" - the first ever movie adaption of an Agatha Christie book. Other silent movies were "One of the Best" (27), "Moulin Rouge" (28) and "Lockendes Gift" (29).

She was able to continue her career smoothly in the talkies and appeared regular in movies till the end of the 30's.

to her well-known talkies belong "The Wickham Mystery" (31), "Smithy" (33), "Womanhood" (34), "Murder at Monte Carlo" (34), "The Crimson Candle" (34), "Scrooge" (35), "Twice Branded" (36), "The Last Journey" (36), "When the Devil Was Well" (37), "The Angelus" (37) and "The Awakening" (38).

Eve's movie career slowed down towards the end of the 30's. When the war broke out, she joined ENSA and entertained the troops overseas.

Very little is known about her after this time. Her last recorded appearance on the stage was in "George and Margaret" in 1947.
When her parents became elderly, and needed constant nursing, Eve looked after theim with the financial support of her sister Madge. After the parents died, she moved with her sister to a small house in Wilshire.

Other movies with Eve Gray:
A Daughter of the Night: Psalm 69 (27) Poppies of Flanders (27) The Silver Lining (27) Villa Falconieri (28) Smashing Through (28) Why Sailors Leave Home (30) The Loves of Robert Burns (30) Midnight (31) The Flaw (33) The Bermondsey Kid (33) What's in a Name? (34) Guest of Honor (34) Big Business (34) Three Witnesses (35) Department Store (35) Death on the Set (35) Just for Tonight (35) Hanging Rain (35) They Didn't Know (36) Such Is Life (36) Jury's Evidence (36) The Happy Family (36) The Vicar of Bray (37) Strange Adventures of Mr. Smith (37) Silver Blaze (37) Pearls Bring Tears (37) Fifty-Shilling Boxer (37) His Lordship Regrets (38) His Lordship Goes to Press (39) One Good Turn (51)

Many thanks to Mr. van der Waarden for the information about Eve Gray.