James Gleason

1882 - 1959


The actor James Gleason was a very busy actor whose sensitive characthers made him a demanded support actor.

His acting career began after the Spanish-American at the Liberty Theater in Oakland in 1898 which was managed by his parents. In the next years followed other performances, among other in road shows, before he interrupted his career when he volunteered to the army for World War I.

He continued his career after the war and also began to wrote plays like "Is Zat So?". Other plays were "The Fall Guy", "The Shannons on Broadway" as well as the film script for "The Broadway Melody" (29). Moreover he also wrote dialogues for many movies. 

But his main activity kept the acting, especially for movies. He made his film debut with "Polly of the Follies" (22), it followed "The Count of Ten" (28), "The Flying Fool" (29) and "Fairways and Foul" (29).

From the 30's he appeared in many movies, among them "The Swellhead" (30), "Big Money" (30), "The Big Gamble" (31), "Lady and Gent" (32), "The Crooked Circle" (32), "The Devil Is Driving" (32), "Orders Is Orders" (33), "Search for Beauty" (34), "Murder on the Blackboard" (34), "The Big Game" (36), "The Higgins Family" (38) and "The Covered Trailer" (39).

In the 40's followed the height of his career where he was convincing the public with impressive roles. To these movies belong "Meet John Doe" (41), "Here Comes Mr. Jordan" (41) - for which he was nominated for an Oscar as best support actor, "My Gal Sal" (42), "Tales of Manhattan" (42), "Arsenic and Old Lace" (44) with Cary Grant, "The Clock" (45), "Lady Luck" (46), "The Bishop's Wife" (47), "Tycoon" (47) and "The Life of Riley" (49).

Television became a more important status in the 50's and James Gleason appeared more often in TV productions too.
To his last movies belong "The Yellow Cab Man" (50), "What Price Glory" (52), "The Story of Will Rogers" (52), "Suddenly" (54), "The Night of the Hunter" (55), an episode of the serial "Climax!: The Fifth Wheel" (56), "Star in the Dust" (56), "Man in the Shadow" (57) and "The Last Hurrah" (58).

James Gleason was married with the actress Lucille Gleason.

Other movies with James Gleason (Actor):
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