Brian Donlevy

1901 - 1972

The actor Brian Donlevy was born as Waldo Bruce Donlevy in Cleveland. 
Before the acting determined his career he served in the army in 1916 - with untrue age statement and was stationed in France during World War I.

Briefly after the war he decided to become an actor and he appeared on many stages in New York in the 20's.
He made his film debut in the silent movie era with "Jamestown" (23), it followed movies like "Monsieur Beaucaire" (24), "The Eve of the Revolution" (24), "A Man of Quality" (26) and "Gentlemen of the Press" (29).

At the beginning of the 30's he took part in "A Modern Cinderella" (32) before he had his breakthrough with "Barbary Coast" (35) at Edward G. Robinson's side.
In the next years followed interesting roles, among others "Strike Me Pink" (36), "Human Cargo" (36), "Half Angel" (36), "36 Hours to Kill" (36), "In Old Chicago" (37), "This Is My Affair" (37), "Jesse James" (39), "Union Pacific" (39), "Destry Rides Again" (39) and "Beau Geste" (39), for which he wast nominated for an Oscar as best support actor.

In 1940 followed the height of his career with the leading role in "The Great McGinty". His intense performance was convincing both the critics and the audience.
In the next years followed many engagements and he was a busy actor in movies as well as in TV productions till to the 60's.
Brian Donlevy appeared in well-known productions of the 40's like "Billy the Kid" (41), "A Gentleman After Dark" (42), "The Glass Key" (42), "Nightmare" (42), "Hangmen Also Die" (43), "The Miracle of Morgan's Creek" (44), "An American Romance" (44), "Canyon Passage" (46), "Song of Scheherazade" (47), "Kiss of Death" (47), "Killer McCoy" (47) and "Impact" (49).
Television became more important for his career in the 50's and Brian Donlevy took part in many TV productions beside his apearences in feature movies.
To his well-known movies of those years belong "Shakedown" (50), "Woman They Almost Lynched" (53), "The Big Combo" (55), "The Quatermass Xperiment" (55), "A Cry in the Night" (56), "Cowboy" (58) and "Never So Few" (59).

In his last decade as an actor he played in "The Errand Boy" (61) with Jerry Lewis, "Curse of the Fly" (65), in an episode of the serial "Perry Mason: The Case of the Positive Negative" (66), "Five Golden Dragons" (67) and "The Winner" (69).

After his film career he retired and moved to Palm Springs where he wrote short stories.

Other movies with Brian Donlevy: 
Damaged Hearts (24) School for Wives (25) Mother's boy (29) Mary Burns, Fugitive (35) Another Face (35) Thirteen Hours by Air (36) High Tension (36) Crack-Up (36) Midnight Taxi (37) Born Reckless (37) Battle of Broadway (38) We're Going to Be Rich (38) Sharpshooters (38) Behind Prison Gates (39) Allegheny Uprising (39) When the Daltons Rode (40) Brigham Young (40) I Wanted Wings (41) Hold Back the Dawn (41) South of Tahiti (41) Birth of the Blues (41) Wake Island (42) The Remarkable Andrew (42) Two Yanks in Trinidad (42) The Great Man's Lady (42) Stand by for Action (42) Two Years Before the Mast (46) The Virginian (46) Our Hearts Were Growing Up (46) The Beginning of the End (47) The Trouble with Women (47) Heaven Only Knows (47) A Southern Yankee (48) Command Decision (48) The Lucky Stiff (49) Serie "The Chevorlet Tele-Theatre: Weather Ahead" (49) Kansas Raiders (50) Serie "Pulitzer Prize Playhouse: The Pharmacist's Mate" (50) Fighting Coast Guard (51) Slaughter Trail (51) Serie "Dangerous Assignment" (52) Hoodlum Empire (52) Ride the Man Down (52) Serie "The Motorola Television Hour: At Ease" (53) Serie "Lux Video Theatre: Tunnel Job" (53) Serie "Medallion Theatre: Safari" (54) Serie "The Ford Television Theatre: The Policy of Joe Aladdin (55) Serie "Climax!: Pink Cloud" (55) Serie "Lux Video Theatre: The Great McGinty" (55) Serie "Crossroads: Mr. Liberty Bell" (55) Serie "Lux Video Theatre: Impact" (56) Serie "Kraft Television Theatre: Home Is the Hero" (56) Serie "Studio One: The Laughter of Giants" (56) Serie "The Ford Television Theatre: Double Trouble" (56) Quatermass 2 (57) Serie "The DuPont Show of the Month: Beyond This Place" (57) Serie "Crossroads: God of Kandikur" (57) Escape From Red Rock (57) Serie "Rawhide: Incident of the Power and the Plow" (59) Serie "Wagon Train: The jasper Cato Story" (59) Juke Box Rhythm (59) Serie "Hotel de Paree: Juggernaut" (59) Serie "The Texan: The Man Gehind the Star" (59) Serie "The Texan: Traildust" (59) Serie "The DuPont Show with June Allyson: Escape" (60) Serie "Zane Grey Theater: The Sunday Man" (60) Girl in Room 13 (61) Serie "Target: The Corruptors: A Man Is Waiting to Be Murdered" (62) The Pigeon That Took Rome (62) Serie "Saints and Sinners: Dear George, the Siamese Cat Is Missing" (62) Serie "The DuPont Show of the Week: Jeremy Rabbitt – The Secret Avenger" (64) How to Stuff a Wild Bikini (65) The Fat Spy (66) Waco (66) Gammera the Invincible (66) Serie "Family Affair: Hard Hat Jody" (67) Hostile Guns (67) Rogues' Gallery (68) Arizona Bushwhackers (68)