Dolores Del Rio

1904 - 1983

The actress Dolores Del Rio was born as Dolores Asúnsolo y López Negrete in Durango, Mexico. She was the first Mexican movie star with international success and also had an immense success in Hollywood of the 20's.

Dolores Del Rio grew up in a aristrocratic family. But because of the Mexican revolution her family lost all possessions. Dolores went to Mexico City where she got married with the wealthy Jaime Del Rio. They emigrated to Hollywood to make a common film career.

Dolores Del Rio made her film debut in Hollywood in 1925 with "Joanna", which help her to get the great breakthrough. From now on she was called the female Rudolph Valentino and acted in some very successful movies like "Pals First" (26), "What Price Glory" (26), "Resurrection" (27), "The Loves of Carmen" (27), "Ramona" (28) and "Revenge" (28).

At the height of her career the arising sound movie caused a rude end because of her accent. She only appeared in few demanding movies in the next years, which were normally low-budget productions - "Girl of the Rio" (32), "Bird of Paradise" (32), "Madame DuBarry" (34), "I Live for Love" (35), "Accused" (36), "Lancer Spy" (37), "Ali Baba Goes to Town" (37) and "The Man from Dakota" (40).

After the movie "Journey Into Fear" (42) she went back to Mexico. There she was engaged by director Emilio Fernandez for the movie "Flor silvestre" (43) and was decisive for her future live.
Although Dolores Del Rio was already 37 years old she became the greatest star in her own country. And together with Gabriel Figueroa, Mauricio Magdaleno and Pedro Armendariz she formed the so-called "golden era" of the Mexican film.

With her following movies "Maria Candelaria" (44), "Las abandonadas" (45), "Bugambilia" (45) and "La otra" (46) she became the prototype of the Mexican beauty abroad.

Her career swung gradually out in the 50's. She took part in the movies "Deseada" (51), "Senora ama" (54), "Torero" (57), "La cucaracha" (58), "Cheyenne Autumn" (64), "Rio Blanco" (67), "C'era una volta" (67) and "The Children of Sanchez" (78), after that she retired from the film business.

Dolores Del Rio was among others married with the famous production designer Cedric Gibbons. The marriage was divorces in 1941 when Dolores Del Rio entered into a romance with Orson Welles.

Other movies with Dolores Del Rio:
High Steppers (26) The Whole Town's Talking (26) The Gateway of the Moon (28) The Trail of '98 (28) No Other Woman (28) The Red Dance (28) Evangeline (29) The Bad One (30) Flying Down to Rio (33) Wonder Bar (34) In Caliente (35) The Widow from Monte Carlo (35) The Devil's Playground (37) International Settlement (38) La selva de fuego (45) The Futitive (47) Hisotria de una mala mujer (48) Mis cinco hijos (48) La malquerida (49) La casa chica (49) Dona Perfecta (50) Reportaje (53) El nino y la niebla (53) Serie "Schlitz Playhouse of Stars: Old Spanish Custom" (57) Adonde van nuestros hijos? (58) Flaming Star (60) El pecado de una madre (60) The Man Who Bought Paradise (65) La dama del alba (65) Casa de mujeres (66) Serie "I Spy: Return to Glory" (66) Serie "Branded: The Ghost of Murietta" (66) El hijo de todas (67) Serie "Marcus Welby, M.D.: The Legacy" (70) Mexico de mis amores (77)