Phyllis Dare

Picture Phyllis Dare

1890 - 1975

The actress Phyllis Dare was born as Phyllis Haddie Dones in London. She was a stage actress in the first place who only appeared sporadically in front of the camera.

Phyllis Dare already made her stage debut at the age of nine together with her older sister Zena Dare at the Coronet Theatre in the play "Babes in the Wood" (1899). It followed other engagements during her childhood, among them "Little Red Riding Hood - Rotkäppchen" at the Manchester Theatre Royal.

When she grew up to a teenager it was in the offing that the world of the theater was also the world of Phyllis Dare. She impersonated bigger parts, so in Seymour Hicks' "The Catch of the Season" (05) and one year later she took over the leading role in the musical comedy "The Belle of Mayfair" (06).

In the next years followed numerous engagements, still she had the time to take part in her first movie in 1913 called "The Argentine Tango and Other Dances" (13).
Afterwards followed two more silent movies with "Dr. Wake's Patient" (16) and "The Common Law" (23).

The theater offered her still rewarding roles, among others an appearance with her sister again after more than 40 years. At the age of 61 she retired from the stage. She also appeared only in few more movies, so in "Crime on the Hill" (33), "Debt of Honor" (36), "Marigold" (38) and "Gildersleeve on Broadway" (43). 

Six weeks after the death of her sister Phyllis Dare died at the age 85.